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Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Beta Release Is Here

Today, Ubuntu is scheduled to release the Beta of their upcoming Natty Narwhal (11.04). Unfortunately, the link on Ubuntus site returned a 404 page error. They will probably fix this soon but anxious Ubuntu testers will have to wait for now. *update* link works now! Click on the screenshot below to go to the official [...]

Why I Cant Stick With One Browser

I have commitment issues. I cant stick to one browser. I remembered when Firefox first launched. It was love at first install. I was so happy to use something other than Internet Explorer. Using IE at the time was like going raw without protection. Who knows what infections my computer couldve contracted. Flash forward a [...]

A Look At Darktable 0.8: Raw Image Workflow For Linux

Like most green amateur photographers, I was wicked excited when I got my first DSLR a few weeks ago. My Canon Rebel T1i(500D) was purchase and gifted to me just because which came as aВ positiveВ shock. Thanks again to my bro(Vad) for the gift! That same night, we went out to do some night photography which [...]