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Surprisingly, The Best Jogging Earphones: Bose IE2 Headphone Review

Bose, a mainstream brand when it comes to sound, but do they live up to the hype with with their IE2s? Well, I bought these headphones to put them to the test: my life. My daily routines consists of hard running everyday so I need a good pair of ear buds to keep my iPod [...]

High Definition In A Compact Form Factor: Sony HDR-CX500V Review

Sony, a company that knows what they’re doing, and their Sony CX series are no exception to that matter. I initially had owned Canon’s t2i but the lens was flawed so I ended up returning the entire package. When I returned it, I had in mind for a smaller camera. One that I could a [...]

Fujifilm X100 Finally Shipping To The United States!

Thats right, the eagerly awaited compact beast is finally shipping with all of its glorious accessories to the United States on April 29th! We seen this camera unveiled at Photokina 2010 and it left many including myself anticipating its release. However, upon the disaster that struck Japan the release was delayed. Months later it finally [...]

White iPhone 4 Now Available….To Not Fit Slider-Cases

White iPhone 4 Now Available.To Not Fit Slider-Cases

Its taken over a year for Apple to release their anticipated White iPhone 4. Now with the release many reports В has claimed that its about 0.2mm thicker than their black counterpart. While the iPhone 4 still works with many cases, varies reports has stated that the iPhone no longer fits their slider-case. Others on the [...]

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Is Here!

Today marks the launch of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. This was a particularly important and different update. This is the first Ubuntu to launch with the Unity desktop as the default environment. Ive express some negative opinions about Unity in previous posts but I will probably try this one out anyways to see how stable [...]

First Impressions: Samsung SyncMaster SA550

To compliment my Macbook Pro I recently picked up a 23” beauty of a monitor: the Samsung SyncMaster SA550. I have only owned this LED delight for about a week so this will only be the first impression. I picked it up at Best Buy for about 250 bucks; my good friend and I stood [...]

The End Of Point And Shoot Cameras?

Many people have already heard about Cisco stopping production of their Flip video cameras. The death of Flip has many people questioning why it failed. Was there a demand for it? Did it fail to appeal to the masses. Was this death inevitable? Some people say the writing was on the wall. Many point and [...]

When Do Megapixels On A Camera Matter?

When I first got into photography years back I searched online and reduced my options to cameras with the highest megapixel. Man, was I naive. Even todays most basic point and shoot can offer a whopping 15 or more megapixels. However when it comes to your image quality there is a lot of misunderstandings that [...]