5 Must-Have Apps After Getting a PlayBook

Tweedless Twitter client


What do most people do when they get a shiny new BlackBerry PlayBook? Besides bragging to their friends on how cheap they got it($200 in time for Black Friday), they look for cool apps! TheВ BlackBerry App WorldВ is not known for having tons of apps likeВ Apples iTunes storeВ orВ Androids MarketplaceВ but there are still gems if you dig hard enough and the selection is growing every day. Luckily for you, Ive done some of the prospecting for you and made a list ofВ 5В must have apps after buying a PlayBook. Keep in mind that none of these apps include games. Quite frankly, I think that deserves its own article. This is my personal list. If yourВ opinion differ, feel free to share it below. Enough chit-chat. Lets check out the apps.

After updating the PlayBooks OS and playing around with the stock apps, I quickly noticed that the Twitter icon is not a real app. Instead, its just a hyper-link that opened up the browser and took you to the mobile Twitter site. Needless to say, I was looking for a Twitter client. What I found was Tweedless. Tweedless is a free Twitter app that not only looks good, but it have lots of features. Currently, Tweedless cam only be used in landscape mode but thats not a big deal. The user interface is very Windows Phone 7-esque. That isnt to say its a bad thing. That black and orange theme gives it a professional look. Two complaints so far is the scrolling could be optimized a bit further and there doesnt seem to be a way to post pics. A few updates should take care of these minor issues.


Scrapbook For making collages

ScrapbookThe next app that you have to pick up is a sweet little picture app called Scrapbook. This one is actually made by The Astonishing Tribe which was recently acquired by RIM. This neat little app allows you to make nice little collages of pictures in your media folder. It sounds simple and it really is but the execution is brilliant. It really showcase the performance and beauty of the PlayBook. Little touches like the monkeys eyes being affected by gravity and movement really makes this app feel polished and detailed. Its one of those fun apps that compliment your existing photos app. Its so nice, it shouldve been included by default.


Conqu A task manager

ConquAfter playing around with some media, lets get to work. The third app on this list is Conqu. This app is a task manager. With this app, you can create to-do style tasks to help you stay productive during the day. You can set priorities, energy level, flag color, task time, add tags, and even sync it online with Conqusync. These are nice features but probably the coolest feature is the ability to collaborate with others. You can create tasks and assign it to someone. This is great for project managers or people who just need to get things done on time. This app is so good, it should replace the BlackBerry Bridges Task app.


BlackBerry News RSS reader

BlackBerry News

How about keeping up with the news? The next app on our list is BlackBerry News for the PlayBook. This is basically an RSS reader. BlackBerry News has a few feeds preloaded and you can remove them if you wish. You can find other feeds by either searching for them or pasting the feed URL. This feed reader has your usual scrolling in portrait mode but things get interesting once you go into landscape mode. Your feeds turn into a newspaper. This gives the app a unique feeling over other feed readers. This app isnt perfect though. When you go into options, there is no options to set. Its basically an about page. Also, when you click on a feed group to read, all the feeds in that group gets marked as read regardless whether you viewed them or not. One last thing. It feels more natural to scroll down in the landscape magazine mode but you can only scroll side to side. Maybe theyll change it in the future. This one is free. Pick it up.


Files & Folders File manager for onboard and cloud files

Files & FoldersThe last app on our list also happens to be the only one here you have to pay for. Its called Files & Folders. It is the only file manager you will ever need on your PlayBook. It can access files from BlackBerry Bridge, your PlayBook, Dropbox, Box.net, and Google Docs. You can send a file via email and you can also zip files but that feature is not yet fully implemented. There are other file managers in the App World and they work fine, but this app does them all. I dont need a Dropbox or Box.net app. If you sign up for a Box.net account, they are offering 50GB of cloud storage for a limited time. If you think about it, a 64GB PlayBook is $200 more than a 16GB PlayBook. You are paying $200 more for an extra 48GB. Just sign up for a Box.net account and youll get 50GB for free! And if you want to take it further, why not spend $2.99 for an awesome app that consolidate all your files without jumping from app to app? This app is money well spent.


So there you have it. These are 5 quick app you need to grab when you first get your PlayBook. There are other good apps out there and we will get to them. Not to mention the games available. There is also a matter of taste. I like the look and feel of Priority Feed but chose to use BlackBerry News for its organized layout. Can you add to this list? Do you prefer one app over the other? Why?


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