Opera 11.10

An Alternative Browser: Opera 11.10 Stable Released

Opera 11.10

Yesterday, April 11th, Opera released the stable version of 11.10. I got the update from the Opera Repository this morning. I also have the experimental beta Repository in my package list so I upgraded from the beta. This new upgrade features some new changes. Most of these changes are internal bug fixes but the most immediate visual change is the new Speed Dial. Now it has a default of 4В columns. You can also add additional sites to your Speed Dial. If you want the old 3 x 3 layout, click the Configure button at the top-right corner and you can customize how many columns you want. You can also hide the + sign. Opera claims thatВ Opera Turbo is improved so thats always a good thing. For those who are not familiar with Opera, Opera Turbo is a feature that compresses the data of web content and delivers them to you at a lower quality. This makes pages load faster. This powerful feature is great forВ congestedВ networks like cafes and heavily populated WiFi hotspots. One other addition to this new update is the support for WebP image format. Currently, two web browsers support WebP: Opera and Chromium. 3 if you include Google Chrome. Hit up this page to see if your browser supports it. WebP is a new image format looking to take over JPG and PNG with some serious image compression and tiny file sizes.






For those who may have used Opera in the past or may have overlooked it, heres yourВ chance to try itВ out again. What always surprises me about Opera is how light and featured-packed it is. With Opera Turbo, Opera Unite, and Opera Links, it has what it takes to be my main Internet browser. Opera is probably the most underrated modern browsers used today. This may be the welcoming many users need as Firefox can feel a bit bloated these days. Click the link above to check it out for yourself. Opera is available on Windows,В Mac,В andВ Linux.


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