Bing Rewards Gives Users A Reason To Switch From Google

Bing Rewards

Since May 10th of 2011, I officially made the switch from Google to Bing. I was using Bing as my main search engine ever since the Panda update that changed Googles search algorithm. This was an unofficial switch as I spend some time reviewing the alternative. Surprisingly, I liked using Bing. I find the home page to be more modern andВ pleasant but looks isnt everything, of course. TheВ search quality is whats important. With Google, what use to take me 1-2 pages to find what Im looking for now takes me 3+ pages. There seemed to be an increase in web spam on Google over the month before my switch. В Ive found more relevant search results with Bing during the Panda update compared to Google and Ive used it ever since. On May 10th, I made a Bing search and made Bing my official search engine after a pop-up invited me to earn credits that IВ canВ redeem for goods and gift cards.



What Is Bing Rewards?

Basically, Bing Rewards is a loyalty rewards system much like the ones you find in most department stores. Think of it as a Stop and Shop card or GameStop Rewards card. Every time you use Bing to search, they give you an opportunity to earn points. You can then redeem these points for novelty goods like Bing Gear which are generic products that have the Bing brand on it. What got me interested was not these merchandise, but the gift cards. Each gift card seems to vary in points but they generally hover a little over 3,000 credits for a $25 card. For example, the $25 Best Buy gift card can be redeemed at the cost of 3187 credits. Thats 127.48 credits per $1.





How Do I Earn?

In order for you to start earning, you must have a Hotmail account or a Windows Live account. I choose to create a new Live account for this purpose. Then you can start earning points. Its not a fast process by any means. To earn 1 point, you have to make 5 Bing searches and you can earn up to 6 points this way per day. However, each day, Bing offers you little tasks that lets you earn instant points. Usually 6 credits. These are usually very simple. I earn 6 points by making Bing my homepage. They will also give you points by promoting some of their services. For example, I earn another 6 points by clicking a link that displayed video games. These little tasks are very simple and notВ obtrusiveВ at all. Some are even interesting. I even earned points by trying out Bing places which seems to be a competition to Googles local search. Even still, it can take a long time to earn anything significant. When you sign up, they give you a bonus 200 credits which is a nice touch. Im up to 321 credits at the moment. ThatsВ equalВ to $2.51.



Is This a Scam?

I highly doubt that Microsoft will scam us with this. In the past, I had a similar experience before Bing came into existence. It was a rewards system offered by Microsoft in partnership with eBay. Basically, you can find hidden treasures when you use Windows Live to search for products and sometimes, there would be an eBay promotion of that product. In my experience, I was looking for Bosch Fatpacks which areВ power-toolВ batteries. They go for about $180 apiece at the time but the promotion offered 30-50% off. I ordered 3 Fatpacks at 50% off which was $270 discount. Yes, Microsoft honored the offer. From this experience, I have confidence that when it comes time for me to redeem my credits, they will honor it.



The Alternative?

I could always use Google but Ive used them for over a decade and made thousands of searches. Maybe more. Never once did I ever thought I would actually get something from these searches. There is a catch though. As we grew wiser, we realize nothing in life is free and these points are no exception. When you agree to this program, you allow Microsoft to retain you search history. Whatever they do with this information is up to them. We are living in a time where privacy is a big concern. When we use Google search, they retain our information anyways so if you haveВ privacy concerns, maybe this isВ a lesser of two evils. And hey, at least you can get a $25 gift card in the process.В Bings search quality is comparable to Google in myВ opinionВ and the trade-off is worth it. These two corporation both retain our private information. At least with Bing, Ill get something back eventually. Ill report back when I redeem me credits.



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