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After I got my PlayBook, one of the first things I needed was a case. Buying a case is very important. You want something that will protect your new tablet from life threatening drops, deadly coffee spills, and general wear and tear. I did what any new age shopper would do. I looked for deals online. One thing I was careful to avoid was generic, no-named cases. While there are some third-party manufacturers that make great cases, Ive found that generic cases tend to not fit as well. After browsing some of the more popular online retailers, the price of the OEM cases were a bit steep for my liking. I went to Best Buy and found a Convertible Case as an opened item for $34.99! Original price was $40. Thats way too high for me. Lucky we stopped at Staple on our way home and found the same case, as well as the Journal Case for $20. Ive used the Journal Case for a few weeks now and let me give you my take on it.

Impressions and Build Quality

The Journal Case is made of a hard plastic shell glued onВ a leather folio. The case has a nice velvet-like texture material on the inside which helps protect the screen from scratches. There is a chromed out BlackBerry logo on the front of the case which adds nice contrast to the black leather. On the spine of the folio, there is an embossed BlackBerry logo. On the back, there is a hole for the rear-facing camera and an elastic band used to hold the folio closed. As far as overall looks, the Journal Case is handsome and professional.


Lets get down to the pros. The case is made of leather which is very durable and offers good protection. The case is easy to carry on your side. Its black, stealthy design makes it a perfect urban carry. Holding it on the go does not attract extra attention. The case covers the buttons and it makes it easier to depress. The leather has some give to it. Its leather is padded about half aВ millimeterВ which protects the PlayBook from light shock.


PlayBook Journal Case OpenedAlthough this case is very nice, there are some things that bothered me about it. For one, there is no sleeper magnet. On some high-end tablet cases, there is a sleeper magnet that shuts off the screen when you close it and turns it on when you open it. This makes tablet use convenient. On the Journal Case, you still have to swipe the edges to wake up the screen and press the power button to turn it off. This may not seem like a big deal but it can be a drain on the battery if you wait of the screen to go to standby. The case by design, makes it incompatible with the charging dock. Another thing thats annoying about this case is charging. If you want to charge the PlayBook with the micro USB or rapid charger, the folio needs to be opened. One last thing I dont like about this case is theres no stand like the Convertible Case. If you do want to put the PlayBook at a level viewing angle, youd have to prop the back against a wall or something or else your PlayBook could fall over.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this case is really nice. There seems to be lots of cons about this case but I actually really like it. Its well-built, comfortable to hold, offers good protection, and it has a subdued, stealthy look. I purchased this case for $20 at Staples but some retailers are selling it as high as $40. If you want to buy this case, shop around. You could be paying more than you should. At $20, this is a great case. At $40, its overpriced. If it was compatible with the charging dock and it had a sleeper magnet, I might consider paying $30 for it but still not $40.


Final Verdict: Buy, but shop around.



BlackBerry PlayBook Journal Case

All this case needs is a sleeper magnet, the ability to charge while closed, and docking compatibility and its perfect. The overall quality of this case is excellent being made with premium leather. The stealthy looks give this case a professional feel.

Rating by Set Sar: 4.0 stars


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