BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 Update

BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 Launches With Remote Control and Native Email

BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 Update

The PlayBook just got a big update today with the release of OS2. I woke up and was prompted by my phone to download the new Bridge version 2 when I realized what day it was. It was update day! Went to my PlayBook and there was a software update waiting to be downloaded. The upgrade process was very Ubuntu-like. I was told I had an update and it did all the work for me. I had to use the advanced setups to get all my email accounts going but that was the only initial complaint.


Control your PlayBook with your BlackBerry!

BlackBerry Remote ControlOne this I immediately noticed when IВ simultaneouslyВ update Bridge and my PlayBook is Remote Control. Finally, a way to control your PlayBook with the BlackBerry smartphone! This feature works just like a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Good thing I didnt waste money buying one of those. After the PlayBook update, I had a chance to test drive this feature and it works well. When you use the trackpad, there is a mouse cursor that appears on the PlayBook much like using a computer. This is fantastic. Ive always felt that tablets would stay geared towards consumers without the input accuracy of a keyboard and mouse. Now I can use my PlayBook to type without the clumsiness of the on-screen keyboard. Speaking on on-screen keyboards, the PlayBook updated their software keyboard with additions like predictive text andВ auto-complete.


Native Email is here Finally

I wasnt one of those people who complained about native email but its finally here. It took RIM a while to implement this and perhaps the boat has sailed for those that found this to be a deal-breaker but at least we can finally say its here. The native email works just like BlackBerry Messages which groups all your email in one convenient inbox. You can then sort your emails from here. One nice addition is the ability to add social networks to this inbox like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Very cool. Ill be updating my PlayBook review after I spend more time with it. Stay tuned for the link!

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