Fujifilm X100 Finally Shipping To The United States!



Thats right, the eagerly awaited compact beast is finally shipping with all of its glorious accessories to the United States on April 29th! We seen this camera unveiled at Photokina 2010 and it left many including myself anticipating its release. However, upon the disaster that struck Japan the release was delayed. Months later it finally released in small portions to the lucky few. Prices on eBay for the x100 quickly jumped up to 2 grand. More recently the camera was announced to be released in many countries; the U.S was not one of now. But now it has been announced and its being shipped В to the United States. However, it still may be pretty hard to get your hands on the first batch that will be release considering the amount of customers who pre ordered the x100 months back. If your in the market and have the cash put your orders in ASAP. And if your local camera shop is lucky to get one of these bad boys then buy it upon arrival and enjoy!




Im very excited with the release of this camera. I loved the sony NEX3 and Im sure this camera will better it! While I know the image quality will not (for now) replace what youre able to produce on a DSLR, the mere idea of having that camera everywhere you go makes it extremely appealing. Having a camera that is low key makes it the perfect walk around camera. Now if only I had an extra 1,200 bucks laying around. =)



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