Google Sets Up Premium Channels On YouTube

With this move, Google is aiming to compete with cable television, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming media. Google is planning to spend up to $100 million to set up low-cost channels that would act more like television channels instead of the traditional YouTube channels we all know and love.



Whenever Google changes YouTube, their users always post comments in protest but they eventually fade as everyone gets used to the layout or change. I wonder if Google-made crap like Fred was one big experiment and we are the lab rats. As some of you may know, the mindless channel, Fred was sponsored by Google and heavily promoted until it became the number 1 most subscribed channel one YouTube. Whats always amazing about YouTube is the many different communities. The group of YouTubers with IQs above 60 banded together and made Nigahiga take the crown as YouTube king.



Its interesting that Google is looking to commission low-cost content. Just a month ago, Google was combating low-quality content farms in their searches. Lots of people were mad when Google changed the Most Viewed to Popular. Then, they added the Featured and Trending to the right sidebar. With careful wording and a little time, you can get lots of people to forget how awesome YouTube use to be. Dont get me wrong, its still good but theres something about in-video ads and obviously promoted Trending videos that turns me off. Lets brace ourselves.



  1. Tony says:

    What are different between normal and premium channel ?
    Tony recently posted..Onkyo WAVIO Audio Card With Creative’s X-Fi Technology

    • Set Sar says:

      The premium channels are Google sponsored channels. Basically, Google wants to turn YouTube into a TV-like service like hulu or netflix with continuous autoplay. Currently, we can only autoplay if we are watching a playlist.

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