Konnessi Guest Post

Guest Post At Konnessi: The Google Monopoly

Konnessi Guest Post

A few weeks ago, I was surfing the web and found an interesting blog post about modern monopolies. It was late in the night and I dont usually read through editorial style posts butВ I had free time. I left a comment which got a reply from the author and to make a long story short, KonnessiВ В invited to write a guest post. I agreed. At first, I didnt know where to begin. TheyВ allowedВ me to talk about any points I wanted to discuss but I didnt want to touch too many topics to dilute my point. Instead, I decided to talk about the Google monopoly. More specifically, why we love them. I had a good time collecting my thoughts and I want to thank Konnessi for giving me the opportunity. Take a moment and check out the Konnessi site and my guest post here.



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