How Are Canons FD Lenses On An EF-S Mount?

Lets face it, owning the top of the line DSLR would be pointless if you didnt intend to invest in some quality glass. However, you might be surprised to find out that many FD lenses are those quality glass I speak of. I own the Canon 60d, and while I do want to invest in an L series gem, I just cant afford to. So, I checked my budget and before I knew it I was in the market for a nice EF-S lens. В It was a little discouraging spending hours on Amazon, Adorama and B&H only to see all of the EF-S lenses that I wanted were way over my budget. I could have bought some cheaper prime lenses but I decided to hold off on them. В However in good timing, my sisters boyfriend came over and showed me the gear he has for his 60d. And there I saw it. Two FD lens that, at first, made no impressions to me. В However, after some tampering and questioning, I now have a completely renewed thought on the entire topic.





Call me a newb, but I had no idea just how cheap you can find them. В I asked my sisters boyfriend how much did he invest in his FD 135mm and 50mm primes. And, while he did buy them used, all he told me was, Check out the sticker on top. My eyes lit up when I read $10.00 and $20.00. В You do also have to spend around 20 more bucks (Depending on your bargaining skills!) on theВ adapter (FD mount) but in my opinion thatВ adapterВ is a one time buy and after that you wont ever have to worry about it. So, 20 dollars is a steal! В Finally, if you just type in Canon FD lens into Ebays search bar youll find plenty of them for aВ relativelyВ cheap price. (Keep in mind, they are old lenses so they may only be sold used.)


FD Lenses 135mm And 50mm

What You Will Need

You will have to purchase an EF-S to FDВ adapter. My sisters boyfriend bought the first one he saw for 20 dollars so you may even be able to find it cheaper. В And you can find it at almost any camera store or online vendors.ItsВ essentiallyВ a little flat mount that you put in between the cameras EF-S mount and your soon to be bought FD lens.




I will go as far to say that these FD lenses have a better build than some EF-S ones. They just have a sturdy metal feel to them. Their zoom and focus rings also feel very smooth. They have a nice heft to them. And I may be a little bias considering Ive only handled few EF and EF-s lenses but I feel as though the overall built feels very plastic like (Not just talking about the 50mm 1.8) and their zoom and focus rings arent always as smooth. For example, while Im recording videos with the 18-135mm kit lens, I can at times hear the rings turning. I havent had a problem with testing the FD lenses in a very quiet room.

FD lens Focus Ring


Photos A Downside..

It may be a tadВ disappointingВ to find out that the FD lens on an EF-S body will not auto focus. Yes, you will have to manually focus your images with the focus ring. В At first, I considered this to be a huge deal breaker. However, the actual image quality you can produce with these lenses are quite crisp. I was shown some amazing images taken with the 50mm 1.8 FD lens. I figured that buying a camera would mean investing in many lenses. So, why not toss an FD lens into the mix? Its nice, cheap and you can still get great results. It does not mean youre entitled to only buying FD lenses. I intend to pick up a few cheap prime FD lenses and save up for some better EF-S lenses in the future. (Maybe even an L!)




To no surprise, this is where these lenses shine. The FD lenses worked perfectly to my likings because on any lens that I use, while recording movies with my 60d, I have my lens on manual focus. And as mentioned before, I feel as though the zoom and focus rings are that much quieter than some of the EF-S lenses out there. The actual video quality to me was amazing. I couldnt tell the difference between the 50mm1.8 FD vs the 50mm 1.8 EF. Yes, I only used two FD lenses but I did not expect that crisp of a video from that bargain of a lens.В So, it basically worked with no compromise here.




Final Thoughts

Im sure there are plenty of EF-S or EF lenses out there that will triumph the image quality from the FD lenses. However, that doesnt take anything away from just how great and handy an FD lens can be. Unless you cant stand manually focusing your image, IВ recommendedВ adding a few FD lenses to your collection. IВ definitelyВ intend to. If youre tight on cash and would like to experiment with some new lenses then Id say this would be the way to go. Youll find it on your mount very often while using movie mode. And, while you cantВ auto focusВ your images, yourВ manuallyВ focused ones will turn out great. Good luck on the purchase!




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