I Hate BlackBerry

I Hate BlackBerry: Why It Sucks

I Hate BlackBerry

RIM is no stranger to bad press. When the whole blogosphere is counting down the days until they die, you know something is wrong. Ive been using BlackBerry for a few years now. As much as I love the phone, there are lots of things about it that I cant stand. A brief history. my first real smart phone was an Android and I decided to try out BlackBerry. Ive used it for the past few years and although things have gone relatively smooth, there are still issue about this phone that bugs me. The browser sucks, the phone is slow to boot, I need to reboot after every app I install or remove, the app world sucks, and watching that spinning clock makes me want to throw the phone at my wall. Enough rambling, lets get this down on a nice list.


1. The Browser sucks!

BlackBerry BrowserThe BlackBerry Browser sucks. Most BlackBerry owners are still on OS5 where the browser is horrible. It is way behind in terms of web standards. and there is always issues with rendering Javascript. This browser is ancient, slow, and crap. You cant open multiple tabs and you cant download files larger than 2.9MB. 5MB for email attachments. You mean I cant even download a standard MP3? Lame. I will say that the browser on OS6 and OS7 has improved the experience but they only bring it on par with the competition on Android and iPhone. I know the screen size on (most)BlackBerry smart phones are smaller than those on Android and iPhones but this does affect the web browsing experience. Theres only so much you can see on a small screen.


2. Long Reboots

I dread seeing app updates available for my phone. You would think this is very convenient that you get a message in your inbox reminding you of app updates but what this really means is enduring another long reboot. My computer takes less than a minute to boot up, why does my phone take 11 minutes to boot up? Yes, Ive timed it. Even then, I still have to wait for the phone to become usable as the system hangs and verify security. Sometimes, I would wait for a bunch of updates to build up and install them all at once. Then I would reboot the device once instead of doing it each and every time I update an app. The long reboots are required for app updates, installations, and removals. The process reminds me of those long anti-virus/malware scans I used to endure when I was using Windows. I didnt miss it when I went to Linux and I wouldnt miss it if this hassle went away. On Android, when you install apps, you can use it right away without rebooting. Same for removing them. BB10 is supposed to unify the smart phone with the QNX PlayBook OS and you dont have to reboot after installing apps so until then, this is something that sucks about BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Reboot
It can take over 10 minute!

3. App World and App Selection

BlackBerry App WorldLets face it. The App World sucks. Android and iOS have a larger library of apps compare to BlackBerry App World. They always seem to be talking about a milestone which is currently over 70k apps but I dont see them. Most of the apps on the App World are garbage. I came from Android and they are not immune to trash either but where are the good apps? Honestly, it doesnt matter to me how many apps are in xyz store. What I am looking for is quality apps. Im looking for Skype, Netflix, HuluPlus. You know, the big names. Too often I hear about a cool new app and they offer a mobile app. Download for iPhone or Android. Wheres BlackBerry? Is this necessarily a fault of RIM? Yes and no. While its not technically RIMs fault that people dont develop apps for the platform, us end users dont really care. We just want the apps. When we open the App World and cant find Skype, we dont think, Man, Skype should make an app for BlackBerry or the PlayBook. No. We think, Why isnt there any apps on BlackBerry App World? What is RIM doing about it? I hate the App World. If I hear about a cool new app, I can count that it wont be available on BlackBerry.


4. Stale Phones

Pretty much all BlackBerry smart phones aside from the Storm/Torch/Style are the same. Thats not necessarily a bad thing. RIM found a formula that works for them and the keyboard is iconic to the BlackBerry image. The problem with that is people are getting bored. They want something different. I believe what RIM is suffering from is happening to Apple. After years of the same thing, same style, and same phone, people will look for something new. It happened(is happening) to RIM and its happening to Apple. Just look at what people are saying about the iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S. I will say Apple is executing things a bit better than RIM. All their phones are good when they come out. RIM tends to spread themselves thin with lots of variations especially cheaper entry-level phones like the Curve. Dont get me wrong. I have the Curve and its a decent phone but I always have Bold envy when I see it. iPhone users enjoy having a great product because they know their phones were top of the line at one time. They are never treated as second class. Cheaper phones are good for market penetration in developing countries but I live in the US. I dont care about marketing strategies in India and Africa. Most iPhone users have a sense of pride when owning their phones. Once upon a time, BlackBerry users had this feeling too. Not anymore.

Stale BlackBerry Design

5. 1 Convenience Key?

It appears when they are moving in the right direction, you catch them taking one step backwards. One of those nice little perks about owning a BlackBerry was the convenience keys. On older BlackBerry phones, you had two, one on each side. One is usually automatically set up for the camera and the other is set up for voice commands(that sucks). You could set these convenience keys to quickly open up your favorite apps or in my case, turn on the flashlight for those time when I needed some light. Quick, convenient and cool. Tell me why in their infinite wisdom that they decided to remove 1 convenience key? Why? What was the point? Did people have too many keys to press? I can tell you from my experience that 1 in not enough. Its little things like these that piss off your users.


6. Poor Media

BlackBerry Music PlayerFrom my understanding, BlackBerry smart phones, in general, are not very good phones for media consumption. Now, I say from my understanding because when it comes to music, my Curve rocks. Maybe because my Curve has these sweet media keys at the top of the phone. I can play/pause, and seek tracks easily without having to open the music interface. These keys even work for Pandora radio. Every other BlackBerry do not have these media keys and navigating the media player can be a hassle. Not to mention if you want to view videos, youll have to settle with the usually small screens. This makes consuming any rich video media a pain like watching YouTube.


7. Small Screens

While Android and iPhone users get to enjoy their large touchscreens, BlackBerry users are still stuck using screens about half their size. There are some exceptions like the Torch line and the now dead Storm but for the most part, a small screen over a full QWERTY keyboard is what we get. Today, multimedia, web browsing, and gaming are big parts of what most use their smart phones for. Doing that on a screen half as large is twice as inconvenient. Its a general trend that most people prefer using a phone with a full size screen rather than a full size keyboard. The convenience of a larger screen outweighs the lack of a physical keyboard for the average consumer. This is especially true with the growing popularity of HD media. Smart phone trends say, small screens are out, large screens are in.


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  • Harishsunkad

    After Reading this frist thought of mine is this is one of the best bullshit article ever read in my life hello boss this is 2012 and u are talking about the browser which is there in the device launched long back in 2009
    2. Coming to the long reboots still u r in 2009 . LOL

    3. Frist thing blackberry is a mobile device where it is used for communication/connectivity when it comes to apps yes we dont have it bcoz on a mobile device skype app seemd like a bull shit where u use it for 30mins u battery is dead or u can use ur device(android) to iron ur clothes so next is netflix boss we dont have time to watch all those things speciall on mobile device and even if you really need it see the reviews of the netflix app on playstore here is some of the reviews

    Robert June 28, 2012 Motorola Droid X with version 1.8.1 build 573
    Still crappy.
    After the May 25 update, it would not work. Now on this recent update it only seems to on network and not on Wifi.
    hlk June 27, 2012 LG Optimus 2X with version 1.8.1 build 573
    Wont run on G2x
    Application closes immediately on LG G2x running official Gingerbread. Wont even run.
    Andy June 28, 2012 Version 1.8.1 build 573
    When i play somting it plays 30 sec. than stops only one show works

    So u have a netflix app which doesnt even work LOL and the Next usefull app for u HULUPLUS here are the recent reviews

    Bill June 27, 2012 Samsung Galaxy Nexus with version 2.0.200781
    Garbage app
    Does not work on my galaxy nexus or Acer Iconia A510. Cancelled subscription. What a joke.
    Thomas June 25, 2012 Samsung Galaxy Nexus with version 2.0.200781
    Required DRM not supported [93]
    Required DRM not supported [93] Your device does not seem to have support for the required DRM engine. Please check that you have all the latest updates applied to your device and try again. What the HELL is this? Absolute nonsense. You people tell me the Galaxy Nexus is supported, and then throw this incomprehensible error at me? Im running CyanogenMod 9 nightly 20120620, and I can be sure that this is updated. Hulu, you have lost another customer and you will continue to until you fix this issue

    4. Stale Phone and feeling pride Boss boss boss wait I think the most powerfull person in the world in the sense president of your country is using a blackberry not iphone why? Wait I will tell you
    Its bcoz you will never become smart if u buy a phone and feeling pride do something yourself and feel pride of that and FYI smart sucsessfull and powerfull people prefers ro use Blackberry not iphone .

    5. Convinience key wow wow wow blackberry as now one customisable key still Do you find this customisable key in iphone. LOL what a point you came out will am really confused from where to laugh from the mouth? Or from some where else?

    6. Music Keys FYI please do remember or write it down somewhere the mute key on the top of bold series works as play/pause and the volume keys if u press and hold works as next/ previous song And if you copy or sync any of the video formats via desktop sofware u can enjoy the best video viewing experience on any of the blackberry devices

    7. Screen Size as I mentions fristly its a mobile (smartphone) not a television or a media player where you watch videos all the time FYI we blackberry users dont have time to do these bullshit things always as we have televison with much better screen size that too starts from 21 not 3 or 5

    8.And before writing something think, for thinking start using blackberry throw your iphone bcoz blackberry will save lot of time for you to think not iphone where you always do things which are not usefull .LOL

    • http://techshift.net/ Set

      The best bullshit article got you writing one for me. Thanks. I do love BlackBerry and I am actually typing this reply on one. You seem to be one of those fanboys that take things way too personally. I personally hate Android and iPhones so Im not sure why you assumed otherwise. I love my BlackBerry and will be upgrading to a Bold 9900 series in a month. Thanks for getting emotional.

  • Mtdong36

    dude, i have to use a BB for work and I just use it for e-mail and voice calls. nothing else and the thing is stillВ ridiculouslyВ slow. В not a tool I would recommend for the current corp environment. sometimes i cant dial a phone number without it pausing. turning on/off mute pause -pause -pause

    • http://techshift.net/ Set

      Maybe your company is cheap and gave you an old BB. The latest Bold is comparable to most phones in terms of performance. Besides e-mails and calls, what else do you need in a corp environment phone? Toss the paper? Angry Birds?