Is T-Mobile Getting The iPhone?

With AT&T buying out T-Mobile hundreds of questions leapt around almost every website.  The big one was: Is T-Mobile getting the iPhone? T-Mobile however, publicly disappointed many folks, including myself on T-Mobile’s network, that they will not be getting the iPhone. However, T-Mobile owners rejoice because BGR has photos of the current (Well, unreleased white version) iPhone 4 running on T-Mobile’s network! Now do I think that T-Mobile will receive the iPhone 4? Probably not. However, a lot of news has been speculated that the iPhone 5 may be unveiled at either Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June or if not definitely sometime by the end of this year. In my opinion with the merge of AT&T and T-Mobile an iPhone will inevitably be accessible through T-Mobile in the near future, especially with a new iPhone coming. With T-Mobile catering to many owners, I think it would be wise and of course profitable to both Apple and AT&T if the next iPhone will be available to current T-Mobile owners. I like the G2 and all, but I hate walking into a local T-Mobile store and seeing 50 android phones, 1 Windows phone (The HD7 that I actually really like), and 2 phones not known to man. Yeah, the iPhone is only one phone but even anti-Apple fanboy will admit it s a nice  one and its nice to have that added option.


iPhone 4 running on T-Mobiles Network

Heres to hoping they make the right decision and give us T-Mobile users an iPhone. Cheers!


Len Thou

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