Canon 60d With Kit Lens 18-135mm

Is The Canon 60D Kit Lens Worth It? 18-135mm Review

Canon 60d With Kit Lens 18-135mm

I had a hard time getting my hands on the canon 60D. I read a lot of reviews that suggested that I should skip the 60D’s kit lens and go straight for primes. Either that or just to save up for a better zoom lens. I searched for a while and couldn’t find any at my local shops because they only sold the 60d bundled with the kit lens. So, I ended up buying the 60D body only online, but of course with my luck I got a bad egg. So I sent it back and got my refund. I wasted about 2 weeks and I was still without the camera. I later found out that a local camera shop not too far from my house had the 60d body only. Again, with my luck they instantly sold out. I wasn’t going to wait 2 weeks for the shop to get their next shipment nor was I planning to order another one. I didnt want to prolong owning something that I wanted to get serious with because I already had done that long enough. So instead I spent the extra 300 bucks and went for the 18-135mm kit lens. I figured if its coming with a 60d, so how bad can it be?



Build Quality

18-135mm Kit LensWhile it’s not the red ring L series beauty, it is still has an overall good build quality. In comparison with the canon 50mm 1.8 or even canons lower model kit 18-55mm lens, (Check out that review here) the 18-135mm feels great.  The focus ring is nicely placed and the zoom feels much sturdier. I didn’t like the focus ring on the 50mm 1.8 or the 18-5mm kits.  It didn’t feel sturdy and I thought it was placed a little too close to the actual glass.






I saw a lot of reviews that suggested the 60D’s kit lens had a huge vignette problem. I think this was an over exaggerate.  I personally didn’t notice any vignette in my actual photos. However like many has claimed, when zoomed all the way out at 18mm, there is a slight vignette around the edge. It’s there but honestly, I don’t find it a huge problem.  But I know to some it is, so just keep that in mind. It is there.  I don’t see any problems with vignette when zoomed all the way at 135mm.




Image Quality

60d With Kit Lens 18-135mmThis is a pretty standard lens so don’t expect anything amazing. It has a maximum aperture of 3.5 and if you don’t understand aperture, to keep it simple the lower the aperture the sharper your images are and the more light your sensor can take it. (Low light shooting!) That’s why a lot of people recommend prime lenses because while they don’t zoom they usually have high apertures. Be aware that the aperture of 3.5 is not constant. So when you’re zooming in you’ll see that your aperture is at 5.6 or so.  To be blunt and to no surprise this lens struggles in low light conditions. F3.5 just doesnt cut it. Check out some primes if you intend to shoot a lot of low light images or videos. However when your shooting if good lighting I think this lens is great for both video work and photo work.  It’s a basic lens but it does its job as a kit lens pretty well.  I suppose you must work with the gear you have. Remember while gear is important, it’s not the determinate factor of your final image quality.


For the actual image quality, I read a lot of reviews beforehand that suggested the 18-55mm kit lens was actually a tad bit sharper. And after taking a lot of shots I can confirm this myself. Not a huge difference but I see it. Overall though, I think image quality is pretty good if you’re just starting photography.





All in all

My friend and I were talking about this lens recently and we came to a clear conclusion. While it is a great lens to start, it’s still a kit lens and with this lens you’ll want to upgrade pretty soon. Having a DSLR you would usually intend to buy more glass, if not then we would all just shoot on high end point and shoots (Hello x100!).

So do I recommend it?   While I did enjoy the lens, I don’t recommend getting this lens AT FULL PRICE. It’s a fun lens at first but you’ll quickly notice your photo and videos will feel a bit limited.

However, if you can find this for a cheap bargain would say this is a nice lens to have on the side with its good build quality, great zoom, and overall good image quality.


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