KDE Pays Homage: Congratulates GNOME

KDE Congrats GNOME

Today was a big day in Linux. theВ GNOME ProjectВ launched version 3 of it popular desktop environment. Not only that but KDE had some kind words to say about them. In a show of respect, KDE announced that their official April updates will be codenamed: Congrats.


KDE said,

The codename Congrats dedicates this release to our friends over at the GNOME camp, who release a new major version today.



This April update will bring KDE up from 4.6.1 to version 4.6.2. This update will consist of bugfixes and translation pages improving on the Plasma Desktop and Netbook interface. This news comes at a strange time since many people(like me) have switched to KDE in light of the recent GNOME 3 changes. Perhaps there is a hidden snipe in this that were not aware of. Or perhaps Im just stirring up gossip. Ether way, check the GNOME and KDE sites to see the official changes and updates.