LG IPS235v Monitor

LG Flatron IPS235v Monitor Review: IPS On a Budget

LG IPS235v Monitor

Its almost 2013 now and I was using an HP monitor made in 2009. Its pretty good except it didnt support 1080p nor did it have HDMI ports. I have a good GPU and I wanted a monitor that would match its specs. After all, why have a decent GPU if youre not going to use it. I needed an IPS monitor because I often work with graphics and photos so accurate colors are very important to me. It gets frustrating when your designs or photos look good on your monitor but terrible on another. I was in the market for a decent budget monitor and decided to look at my options. Thats when I stumbled upon the LG Flatron IPS235v and took it home.



LG IPS235v MonitorI decided not to buy a monitor online because if I had a problem with dead pixels or something, I could easily return it to the store without the hassle of shipping. The price was in my budget too. I wanted to spend less than $300 and this monitor retails for $240. This is an entry-level IPS display where high-end versions can go for as much as 3-4 grand. To get your feet wet, you could argue that this is a good value. For me, I compared the colors and viewing angles of the stores stock with the rest and I was sold.



The display is excellent. Contrast is very good and the colors are vibrant even in low brightness. I havent use this monitor for movies yet but it does have good viewing angles when I was streaming sports online. Ive done some gaming on it and its a dream. Ive read some people complaining about purple fringing on the blacks at wider angles but I havent noticed any problems with my display. I do wish it was a little brighter though. The blacks can get a bit muddy.

LG IPS235v Monitor

LG IPS235v Monitor
Good viewing angle with minimal color distortion.

From a user point of view, I used to get eye strain with my old HP monitor. I thought it was normal because I was used to it for years but since owning this monitor, my eye strain has disappeared. Text seem to be a bit crisper and easier to read. Even at max resolution, I dont really need to zoom in or enlarge my font. This was something that I had to do often on my old monitor. Another nice thing about the display is the matte screen which I prefer over harsh, glossy screens. Many people like glossy displays or displays without anti-glare because colors seem to pop out more but sometimes, the harsh glare can give me a headache. There is slight backlight bleeding coming from the bottom right of my screen. Some backlight bleeding is inherent with all LCD monitors and it isnt too noticeable unless you are really looking for it.


Look and Feel

LG IPS235v MonitorThe Flatron series always had a plain, professional look. This monitor is no different. Its something you would find at a mall kiosk or medical clinic. Personally, I like this look. Its something that I can live with for a long time. I also love the matte, wood-like bezel. It gives it some class. The only thing I dont like about this package is the glossy stand. It doesnt match the overall look and feel of the monitor even though its black. It gives the monitor some cheapness in an overall slim and sexy look.


Speaking of stands, LG went cheap on us. The stand is plastic and wobbly. You can only tilt it 15 degrees for adjustment which is fine at eye level but that wont be ideal for those who have a desk with its own monitor stand. Luckily, LG added 100 x 100 mm mount support(VESA) which is nice for those who want to go dual or multi-monitor setups. I get a reminder of how cheap the stand is when I turn it on. It flexes and moves every time I press the on button. This isnt a big deal if the buttons werent so stiff.

LG IPS235v Monitor
Good display, not so good stand.



This brings me to the negative aspects of the monitor. When I shut off my computer, the monitor goes into power-save mode which is nothing new. Most monitors today have some type of sleep mode. The only problem is the power indicator is a bright blue LED and when it is on sleep modes, it starts blinking! Its quirky because you can choose to turn off the LED while its on(which I choose to do) but you cant stop the blinking when the monitor enters power save mode. Its like the monitor is nagging me to press the off button. So annoying!

LG IPS235v Monitor
Slick wood-grain bezel.


Another weird thing about this monitor is the settings. Some settings are locked or disabled depending on what connections you are running. Youd figure that you would get the most control with a digital HDMI line right? Wrong. With HDMI, you cannot adjust the screen position, width, and height. You can do so with an analog line. This is a problem for me because I am stuck with black bars about an inch on all sides that I cant close. So now my 23 monitor is really 20. Ive tried adjusting it from my OS side but the resolution is set. Very weird.

LG IPS235v Monitor OSD
The OSD shows I have HDMI hooked up but the vertical and horizonal is locked.


Final Thoughts

This monitor is a little pricey when compared to traditional budget LED LCD screens. What you are paying for is the excellent viewing angles and accurate colors of the IPS technology. It does have a few drawback but they are quite minor. Contrast is really good though black levels are a bit muddy. Ive set the black level from high to low and that helped a lot. Overall, Im very happy with my upgrade. Monitors are very expensive and for $240, this LG IPS235v met my needs in terms of performance and budget. With the versatility of the viewing angles, this monitor can even replace my Vizio as a Netflix/PS3 display. Before purchasing this monitor, I was considering an AOC because it was cheaper but then name brand is weak. I wasnt sure if it was going to last me years. After owning this monitor for a few weeks, Im glad with my purchase. Plus it looks great on my desk.


LG IPS235v Monitor Profile

LG IPS235v Monitor

The IPS235v is a great value for amateur video editors and graphic designers. The versatility of the IPS display translates into a monitor that can be enjoyed across the room with its excellent viewing angles. It weak points include the flimsy stand, quirky OSD menu system, and slightly muddy black levels. I would also like it to be a bit brighter.

Rating by Set Sar: 4.0 stars

LG IPS235v Monitor

LG IPS235v Monitor

LG IPS235v Monitor




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