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One of the most essential apps for the PlayBook is a good file manager. OS2 included a very basic file manager but luckily, the developers(Innovatology) behind Files and Folders decided to give us one that is more modern and featured. Not only is Files and Folders a file manager, but it also syncs files with Dropbox, Box(formerly, Google Docs, BlackBerry Bridge, and Sugar Sync. Files and Folders is available on the App World for $2.99. Is it worth the money? I put Files and Folders through its paces and give you my take.


When you first open Files and Folders, you are greeted with a familiar UI. The app allows you to cut, copy, paste, and delete files like a real file manager should. You can view files in a detail(list), icon(grid), and filmstrip(preview). The filmstrip layout is great for folders with many images. You can create new folders and view images in a slideshow. Theres a search function which is handy when you download files and forget where you put them. One of the few things I found missing is the ability to rename files and folders. As far asВ a file manager, it is better than the standard File Manager shipped with OS2. You can view important details like created date and file size.

Files and Folders Detail View
Detail View
Files and Folders Icon View
Icon View
Files and Folders Filmstrip View
Filmstrip View



Being a solid file manager is great but you wont(or shouldnt) buy this app just for that reason. The main selling point for me is the ability to browse and manage my files in my Dropbox. When you swipe down the top bezel, you open up the settings and you can set up your Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, and BlackBerry Bridge settings. SugarSync will soon be added to this list. Bluebox and the official Box app lets you manage your files on free apps but having all these services and more in one convenient app is worth the $3 price tag. For example, if I wanted to download some music from my Dropbox onto my PlayBook, I would open Files and Folders, connect to my Dropbox, navigate to the folder, select multiple music files, copy them, and paste it onto my PlayBook. Larger files may take a while but thats an issue with bandwidth, not the app.

OS2 File Manager
OS2 File Manager is basic in comparson
Files and Folders Cloud Options
Cloud services supported


A nice extra feature I like about Files and Folders is the ability to send a file via email. Under settings, you can set up a mail server which they help you with by giving you examples(Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Click on a file, scroll down on the left side and click send to. This will open up a box that will let you enter someones email address. Very handy if you want to send yourself a file quickly. The only drawback with this is you are limited to sending 1 file at a time(for now). Another nice touch is the ability to zip a file to reduce space. Like the email feature, you can only zip a single file which defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Files and Folders Email Feature



Ive found doing computer tasks like organizing photos and music very easy with Files and Folders. Though its not as powerful as a desktop file manager, it is feature-rich being able to access cloud services. Files and Folders is a solid app. By solid, I mean I havent experienced any crashes or bugs. As far as things Id like to see added is the ability to zip multiple files. Although zipping a single file is good for squeezing extra space, the point of zipping and unzipping is the convenience of a single file. Another thing Id like to see added is the ability to send multiple files via email. Previewing images is cool. It would be a killer addition to be able to preview music/video files within the app. Is this app worth your $3? Yes! As far as a file manager, it is better than the stock OS2 app. With the ability to manage files on cloud services and BlackBerry Bridge, its worth giving up a medium iced coffee for. Although they could have done a better job expanding on zipping and emailing files, I dont take anything away because those are extras. If you could rename files and folders, this app would be perfect for its advertised purpose. The extras make this app that much better.



Files and Folders pushed out version 4.0.2 today on the App World. With this upgrade, you are now able to rename files, star or bookmark folders, added SugarSync support, and adds a nice preview for txt files! One thing noticeably missing is the ability to zip multiple files. Hopefully that will be added in a future update. Check out the slightly updated menu below.

Files and Folders 4

Files and Folders for BlackBerry PlayBook

Files and Folders is a solid file manager that extends its usefulness by giving you access to popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Box, and SugarSync. As a true file manager, the only thing missing is lack of renaming folders. All the extras like cloud access, zipping, emailing files, and slideshow makes it easy to forgive the developers. Though these extras can be improved upon, they dont negatively affect the score. Verdict: Buy.

Rating by Set Sar: 4.5 stars

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