Samsung QX410-JO1 First Impressions

Samsung QX410-jo1

New Technology in the morning is the right way to start off your day! And IВ literallyВ justВ got my package containing the Samsung QX410 from Amazon yesterday morning. I went to Best Buy to find the Samsung QX410 S02 and fell in love with the design. Sadly, it was 900 bucks and out of my budget. I did some research and found that the previous generation, QX410-JO1, was pretty much the exact same machine but with last gens processor. Everything else, from design to display were exactly the same. I then did some more research to find that the processor update from the two wasnt a huge update. And to my advantage, I was able to find the Samsung QX410-Jo1 refurbished on amazon for 580 bucks. Considering I had 140 bucks in amazon credit, I couldnt help but buy it. Ive only been using this machine for 2 day, but I must say, my Macbook Pro hasnt been touched once since because of this beast Samsung Machine. I wont be covering every spec and detail yet. These are just my first impressions. Keep an eye out however for my full review that should be coming along after Ive had some more time with it. Lets begin.




The machine boast Intels i5 at 2.53ghz, 4gbs of ram, 640gb HDD and В nNidias 310m respectively.


To be blunt, I thought this 14 screen was very nice. The screen (I suppose the entire machine!) reminds me of the Macbook Pro, which if you know me well enough, is a great thing. The Edge to edge glass makes this screen feel veryВ professional. However, the pixel density at 1366768 isnt anything mind boggling. But even then, I really do like this display.

My only gripe, would be that if you turn the brightness down, the screen is extremely reflective: Almost mirror like. I guess thats the price you pay with a glossy screen.




Fantastic. When I use a new keyboard, it usually takes me a few days to get used to. However, these chiclet keys were just comfortable and easy to use right off the back. I typed this article on it with zero complaints. I really loved that Samsung spaced out each key nicely to prevent accidental clicks. Each key feels extremely responsive and Ive notice no flex. While it is no mechanical keyboard, I really do think that this keyboard, as well as the beloved Lenovo X100es key, is in my top 5 favorite keyboards. At the end of the day you really do have to ask yourself, does the keyboard just work seamlessly. And my answer, yes.



Errr I suppose the trackpad as a whole is pretty good. However, I did not like the actual buttons for your right and left click. It felt like the right and left button slows down or renders theВ trackpadВ to be useless; as soon as I click the buttons I notice the trackpad slows down. Ill try to explain more in my full review. I use this machine mainly as a desktop replacement so my Razer Deathadder mouse compliments it nicely. So, I personally dont even use the trackpad anymore! Go figure! haha



They are nice, crisp and loud enough for me. Ive read a few reviews that suggested deep crackling with these speakers. But to my liking, Ive experienced none. They are loud enough to understand vocals from my music playlist, В while having a ton of noise В in the background.


Features and Ports

This laptop does indeed have a DVD drive so have no fear, they havent been completely taken out of the marketyet. 3 Usb 2.0s, headphone and speaker jack, an HDMI output, and of course an SD slot to top it all off. For my personal usage, these are exactly what I need. Nothing more and nothing less. Thanks Samsung!It also does have a webcam, which isnt too impressive, but hey, its there right?



I saved this for last because I think Samsung really nailed this one right on the head. I think this machine is absolutely georgous. I would personally say, that this machine (And maybe the Sony Vaio S) was the best looking machine Best Buy had to offer. Everything from the display, to the keyboard all the way to its ports, this machine just looks sleek and proffesional. Samsung loves to add curves to their machines and the qx410 is no exception. Youll notice there are small curves on machine, which just adds a nice look to it. Its a nice aluminum feel that just makes the machine feel tough and reliable.


That is all I have to say about this machine for now. Please Stay tuned for the full review!


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