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Current Macbook Air

The Macbook Air! Its Sexy, slim, snappy but still a tad underpowered at the moment. If youre looking to get a Macbook Air and dont currently NEED one I would suggest you wait a month or so. If youve been keeping up with the latest mac news then youve probably heard about the new Macbook Airs that are to be released soon with intels sandy bridge processors! Many anticipate that they will skip the i3sВ and come with i5В and i7В Sandy Bridge processors. Rumors started months back but many rumors are now narrowing down to late May and early June. Though these are still rumors, one source comes from CNET in which they correctly, out of the very few, were able to predict the right dates that the current Macbook Pros were to be released with Sandy Bridge. While the current Macbook Airs are a beast of a machine, the Sandy Bridge update is exactly what this machine needs! (Maybe a low price tag of course but thats another story!)

Why Wait?


The answer is simple.POWER! В While the actual aesthetics of the machine will not change, sandy bride will haul a huge improvement compared to the current Macbook Airs core 2 duo. While the Macbook Airs are snappy because they come stocked with SSD memory, I believe a bump in their cpu will give it that extra kick. I without question loved my Macbook Air and I would have kept it if it had that extra horsepower. Of course at the end of the day with or without sandy bridge it is still a MacbookВ Air and youre not going to edit a HD 1080pВ award-winning film as you would on a Mac Pro; but even then I believe that the current Macbook Airs cater perfectly to most users and with the sandy bridge update it will suffice to many more who are a tad more tech savvy.

How much did the Macbook Pros Benefit from Sandy Bridge?

The current generation Macbook Pros comes with intels Sandy Bridge processor and they have made a huge difference in performance. В (Im currently typing on the machine and I love it!) On paper the current baseline Macbook Pros benchmark beat out the last generation Top spec Macbook Pros. So in summary. Sandy bridge in Macbook Airs = Huge performance update.

The Downsides.

The downsides that comes with sandy bridge are simply: gaming. While I hope youre not buying a Macbook Air to solemnly game in the first place, I do know some people who are not gaming fiends and are contempt with the current 320m that the airs come with. You know! That moderate gaming! В Sadly the rumors suggest that the new Macbook Airs will come intels integrated HD 3000 graphics which has been constantly debated in many forums to have lowered their gaming frame rates (Comparing current generation Macbook Pros with the HD 3000 and last generation Macbook Pros.)

So wait or buy now?

2 months areВ a long tech time. But that two months may give you a great deal. Around that time frame Apple will be doing their back to school iPod promotion. On top of that Lion should be releasing soon and hopefully Apple will release the Macbook Airs with lion pre-installed. В And of course the main reason. an updated Macbook Air!

However at the end of the day is it up to you of course. If you need the graphics that the current Airs have, and are fine with the current speeds they offer (Because that SSD still gives many machine a run for their money!) THEN WAIT NO LONGER!

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