RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: Dead At 56 RIP :(

RIP Steve Jobs

Its pouring all over the Internet. No, this is not a rumor. Steve Jobs, former CEO at Apple died yesterday at 56. Its almost surreal. Many of you already knew he was battling cancer in 2004 and underwent a liver transplant in 2009. Whatever yourВ opinionsВ on Apple and their products, theres no doubt Steve Jobs changed the world.


I always thought there was some sort of billionaires club that had the cure for cancer and Steve was a member. Im not too sure about that now. The TechShift crew often joke about this over a cup of coffee. I never thought he would die this soon. This news comes as a shock and I would like to pay me respects. RIP Mr. Jobs. :(

Apple В RememberingВ Steve Jobs

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  • Rick

    :) Good riddance says I! Greedy assed billionaire. Steves dead, I hope Apples next.