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Amazon Mturk Dying?

Ever since the recent increase in pricing for requesters, its been harder for me to find decent work. And by work, I mean surveys. Ive recently discovered Mturks as a nice way to make coffee money on my downtime and I can barely break $5/day where I use to be able to pull in $15-$20 with half the effort I do now. В Lets look at the politics of Mturk and the recent drama. Continue reading Amazon Mturk Dying?

Amazon MP3 Store and Cloud Player: Not Ready For Primetime

Amazon MP3 Store

It seems like every major tech company is trying to make a buck selling you music in some way. We have subscription-based services like Pandora, Slacker Radio, Last.FM, etc. Then theres downloading services like Apples iTunes, Google Play, Amazons MP3 Store just to name a few.


Amazon was the clear choice.

I purchased a 1 year subscription to Pandora One and it has been good. The higher music quality is nice and having no ads is great but the hourly 5 skips per station is still annoying. I still wanted to listen to specific songs at any time so I looked into Spotify but they didnt support my mobile phone. I ruled out iTunes and Google Play because I didnt want to get into either ecosystems. Amazon was the clear choice.


Ive been an Amazon customer for years and have even purchased their Prime membership. Ive never had a problem with shipping and customer service has always been excellent. The main selling point for me was their Cloud Player. If you purchased and downloaded an album or song, they would be available on Amazons Cloud Player which can be access through a web browser. You can pretty much stream your songs from any computer with a net connection. I had high expectations.


Bad Downloads and Terrible SyncingВ 

Since I wanted the MP3s stored locally on my phone, I went ahead and purchased 2 albums through my BlackBerry Bold. The first time I purchased an album, they asked me if I would like to save my accountВ informationВ so I can turn on one-click shopping. I though, Sure, Im buying another album anyways. Why not. My albums downloaded to my phone and I was able to listen to them right away. I went ahead and checked online to see if they were in my Cloud Player. They were not. At the bottom of the page was a customer service contact link and I opted to speak to a call center representative. The representative was a native English speaker and was very helpful. He got my 2 albums loaded into my Cloud Player and I asked whether this will be a problem in the future. He assured me that it was a technical issue and it wont happen again. He was wrong.


I enjoyed my albums on my phone and on the Cloud Player up until I decided to buy two more albums. When I purchased my third album, I had trouble downloading the songs to my phone. IВ receivedВ an error. The error said the file size was 0kb. What the hell? I guessed maybe that the file could not be delivered to my phone or perhaps there was a delivery issues since the album had explicit lyrics. Whatever the case, I wanted it fixed. I logged into Amazon and manually downloaded the album to my computer, then transfer the files into my phone. I decided to purchase one last album and downloading them to my phone went without problem. This(fourth) album, however, was not available on the Amazon Cloud Player. Im beginning to see aВ patternВ here. I opted to email tech support this time since it was late at night and got a reply the next morning. They told me since they needed more information to solve the problem they went ahead and refunded my money.


Not What I Expected

Thats pretty much the end of our journey. Ive since stopped buying from Amazon MP3 Store. Their service is spotty. When I make a purchase in a digital product, I expect a 100% delivery rate. I eventually got the album on my phone but I had to jump through hoops in order to get it. Another major problem I have with them is the way they handled cloud syncing. Once my albums were loaded into the Cloud Player, everything went smooth but getting that done was a headache. It seems like I had to bother someone over the phone to put the album I bought into the Cloud Player. This defeats the whole purpose. Why advertise this as a feature when it doesnt even work? Im not sure if its my platform(BlackBerry), their service, or a combination of both. All I know is, there are other competitors out there that delivery what they promise. This experience is surprising. Ive never had a problem buying from them until now.


I could have went with the cheapest route and downloaded these albums oppa pirate style but the convenience and knowing that my songs are available in the clouds lead me to try them out. Some problems I have with having GBs of music isВ transferringВ them to other devices/computers and dealing with hard drive failures. Will I be buying from Amazon MP3 store again? Actually, maybe. Ive had many positive experiences with Amazon that I might give them a pass here and see if things iron out. On the other hand, competition is great and maybe delivering music isnt Amazons forte. Take my experience with a grain of salt. Your results may vary.


Amazon MP3 Store and Cloud Player

With hiccups downloading songs and problems syncing your albums with the Cloud Player, I cant recommend using this service when theres plenty other competitors out there. This comes somewhat of a shock considering my previous experiences with Amazon. On the plus side, their customer service is great. I just wish the product matched it. 1 star for eventually getting the MP3s and another 1 for customer service.

Rating by Set Sar: 2.0 stars