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Are Netbooks Dying?

Around late 2007, a new computer entered the consumer market by appealing to users who wanted something in between their smart phones and laptops. Filling the gap, theВ NetbookВ was born. The main purpose of the Netbook? Its a computer that can browse the Internet, type documents, and still be portable. Most netbooks are powered by Intels [...]

What Is An APU?: AMD?s Fusion E-350 Vs Intel?s Atom D525

Have hope AMD faithfuls. AMD is looking to bring serious competition to Intels Atom & Ion platform with their latest Fusion Technology. Many people dont want to admit it but the netbook market is expanding. They are not dying despite what some people think. While Intel dominated the first generation of netbooks with their single [...]

Why You Should Use RSS/Atom Feeds: Pros And Cons Of Syndication

Just a few years ago, everyone would go to Google to find news about their favorite topics. Searching for news and information is fine but this can be a problem if you are not looking for anything in particular and just want to stay updated. Today, if you are somewhat techВ savvy, you would use Feeds [...]