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Are Netbooks Dying?

Around late 2007, a new computer entered the consumer market by appealing to users who wanted something in between their smart phones and laptops. Filling the gap, theВ NetbookВ was born. The main purpose of the Netbook? Its a computer that can browse the Internet, type documents, and still be portable. Most netbooks are powered by Intels [...]

Buyer’s Guide: 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Netbook

Buying a netbook as a secondary machine can be extremely beneficial to your everyday task. With technology improving and becoming moreВ affordable, netbooks are starting to feel like a must have. If youve been following the articles Ive written, then you must know by now that Im searching for a netbook to help with my basic [...]

I was in the market for a cheap netbook with a fairly decent keyboard. I wanted one that I could lug around without having to constantly worry about it being scratched, scuffed or dented. В I babied my Macbook Pro and I noticed when I brought it around, I was a little too obsessed with keeping [...]

Before I bought this phone I had owned the glorious Blackberry 9700, Ah good times, good times! Sadly however, the 9700 had died out due to water damage. So I was on the market for a new phone! I personally just wanted a phone that worked well and lasted all day. Out of the tons [...]

Sony, a company that knows what they’re doing, and their Sony CX series are no exception to that matter. I initially had owned Canon’s t2i but the lens was flawed so I ended up returning the entire package. When I returned it, I had in mind for a smaller camera. One that I could a [...]