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Razer Deathadder First Impressions

Razer Deathadder Glow

To start, I know what you must be thinking, First Impressions for a Mouse? Well, I do first impressions because I really want to provide our readers with the full experience. Yeah, I may like a product after first usage, but who knows, after a week or so I may realize that I really hate it. I would rather write a first impression, and a final and full review, rather then provide inaccurate information. Now, back to the Razer Deathadder. If youve read my review on the Samsung QX401, then you probably already know that I did not like the trackpad. So I decided to purchase a mouse. My first thoughts were to get the Logitech MX performance, however, my friend already owned that mouse and I thought Id give something else a try. All of the forums pointed me to the brand Razer. So, I did some Bing searches and found that the Deathadder, while one of the more affordable, was one of the more favoritedВ of the bunch. So I bought it through Amazon and in 2 days flat, (I love Amazon Prime) IВ receivedВ my mouse. So after 2 days of using it, how do I like it you ask?


Design and Build

Its strange, the mouse itself В is pretty plain, but at the same time it has two blue glows on it, which В makes the mouse veryВ desirable. The mouses build is very durable with no loose edges. The scroll wheel feels very tight, which is a good thing. It has your standard right and left click and two otherВ programmableВ buttons. I love that Razer made the cord a durable shoe lace like material and design. It feels very rugged and I dont see it falling apart anytime soon.


I think that comfort is an extremely important factor. Or else I would just be using my laptops trackpad. The Deathadders comfort is fantastic. My hand and fingers just lay on the mouse nicely. I owned the Apple Magic Mouse before this, and while it did serve its time well, I never really liked , or got used to the fact, that it was extremely flat. With the deathadder, its nice curve just made using a mouse a breeze.

Razer Deathadders Cord




What good would a mouse be if it didnt work properly. I know, I am once again comparing this mouse to apples, but I can easily say that this mouse is the winner when it comes to responsiveness. I DONT play too many video games, but even using this mouse for my every day task, Ive notice just how responsive this mouse is from pointing to one side of the screen to the next, as well as simply clicking. I would even go as far to say that, while it doesnt have any many features, it betters the Logitech MX performance mouse when it comes to its responsiveness.


All in All

I think that this mouse will be a desk companion with me for a while. Its design is nice and simple, it has blue glowing lights, (YES!) very comfortable and it is extremely responsive. Ive said it before but Ill say it again, it does its job RIGHT!

Stay tuned for my full review of this mouse soon. Thanks for reading!

Surprisingly, The Best Jogging Earphones: Bose IE2 Headphone Review

Bose, a mainstream brand when it comes to sound, but do they live up to the hype with with their IE2s? Well, I bought these headphones to put them to the test: my life. My daily routines consists of hard running everyday so I need a good pair of ear buds to keep my iPod shuffle and I company. I had previously used all the standard name brands that you hear today: Apple, Skull Candy, Monster, Vmoda. I am the type of person who buys things after searching for reviews week after week. I was looking for that “great” in ear headphones to run with and all the reviews pointed me out to the Bose IE2. And to be blunt, they are just that: Great. But to be fair, they are not great solely from sound the sound quality. So don’t be disappointed if the sound quality doesn’t sound fit for your. (ZERO PUN INTENDED!)This review will cover the following that I thought was important while buying, what I thought expensive, headphones: sound quality, durability, value, comfort and how well they stayed in my ear while running. Lets get to it!



Sound quality 8/10

When it comes to the sound quality, I have heard many mixed feelings. Some people have said that these headphones were AMAZING. Others said they were just subpar. I am in no way an audiophile but in my opinion I can honestly say, they are just GOOD. Just a step above the average apple headphones. Keep in mind; I thought 100 bucks was stretching it for a pair of ear buds so I had a bias thought on it from the start.

Bose IE2 In Ear Headphones




But, I do admit that the bass on these ear buds are much, much, much more impressive than my apple ear buds. (As Expected.) On the Bose IE2’s, I would say, you could play your music at a lower volume and hear everything you would hear on the apple ear buds at a much higher volume.


They are NOT sound isolated and they do not claim to be. The back of the box clearly states, “Not designed for noise reduction.” As I run everyday with these ear buds I don’t miss noise canceling ear buds at all. I personally like to hear the cars and people around me. I rather not get hit by one for the sake of noise isolation.



Durability 9/10

I don’t intend to put these through a stress test. (Because I cant afford another 100 bucks =]) I can say, however, from two month of usage these show zero sign of wear or tear. I dropped them a few times but they’re still looking spanking new! Thanks Bose! They aren’t made like those indestructible monster ear bud because they’re plastic, but nonetheless they are very durable. And maybe it’s just my luck, but these headphones have not once tangled up on me. They even give a little case to put your headphones and ear tips in when you’re not using them. HORRAY


Value 8/10

I’d say if the sound quality were a tad bit better, these would be my ideal earphones. But for what they are, I give them an 8/10. Don’t get me wrong, they are great earphones but I thought 100 bucks was a tad pricey. But I guess there are many other brands that go for much more. So I can’t really complain!



Comfort 10/10

Comfort is where these ear buds shine. When I pop them in my ear at times, I swear, I forget that I have them on. Unlike sound canceling ear buds I never have to take them off to give my ear a breather.


They give you three different size tips and I found that the medium size did much justice. These ear buds don’t go deep into your ears; so as far as comfort, these shouldn’t be a problem! Even when I’m just relaxing on my bed, with these headphones I feel like I can fall asleep at any moment in comfort. Another huge thumbs up to Bose!


How well did they stay in my ear while running?

Best headphones yet. They developed what Bose call “Stayhear tips.” At first I thought, “Eh another gimmick” Boy was I wrong. These were legit! They may take some time to getting use to. But when you wear them they feel like they are molded into your ears. (Quite comfortably nonetheless.) Actually even without the Stayhear tips, the regular tips never once fell out while running. So you can only imagine how well the Stayhear tips stay in.


And if youre worrying whether the tips fall easily or not, worry no further. You sort of have to hook the tip on, as my picture shows below. Once hooked on it is very secure and tightly fit. On top of all of that they are incredibly light. (Due to the plastic material of course) Overall I must say I am impressed.


So Do I recommend?

Yes I definitely recommend this buy. Especially If you like to do physical activities while listening to music. They sound good, better than your average ear bud. They fit comfortably and snug so you won’t ever have to worry about them falling out. And even if you intend to just listen to them at home, I find falling asleep with these ear buds much more satisfying than any other.