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BlackBerry PlayBook Review – An Underrated Tablet?

Its been a little over a month since I got my PlayBook and instead of waiting for OS version 2.0 to come out, I think Ill just do a review now and a second look later. As of this review, the current version I have on my PlayBook is OS version 1.0.8.XXXX. These last few [...]

What Is An APU?: AMD’s Fusion E-350 Vs Intel’s Atom D525

Have hope AMD faithfuls. AMD is looking to bring serious competition to Intels Atom & Ion platform with their latest Fusion Technology. Many people dont want to admit it but the netbook market is expanding. They are not dying despite what some people think. While Intel dominated the first generation of netbooks with their single [...]

Buyer’s Guide: 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Netbook

Buying a netbook as a secondary machine can be extremely beneficial to your everyday task. With technology improving and becoming moreВ affordable, netbooks are starting to feel like a must have. If youve been following the articles Ive written, then you must know by now that Im searching for a netbook to help with my basic [...]

When netbooks came out a few years ago, many people criticized them for being under-powered and expensive. Netbooks have carved itself a nice niche market but some people still dont understand the appeal. Why would you pay $300 for an mini-laptop when you can get an entry-level laptop for a little more? You would get [...]