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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Mechanical Keyboard

В There you are, sitting on your office chair. Feeling comfortable and good about yourself. Let me tell you something. You are lost. You are a nobody. Why? Because you dont have aВ mechanical keyboardВ in your life! Like some evangelical preacher, I have an idea I need to sell you. That is the glory of the mechanical keyboard. If you accept the mechanical keyboard into your life, you could be experiencing increased comfort, improved productivity, and glory! It will change the way you type forever! Dont just ask me, there are plenty of fanatics that have forever converted from using cheap, rubber-dome keyboards to high-quality mechanicals. I have made a short list of five reasons why you should switch to a mechanical keyboard. I have faith that you will see the light. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 Review

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

Trackballs have been with us since the early 90s as our primary pointing device of choice. Since then, the mouse has taken oven. First, there was the trackball, then the mouse, and now, as more people focus on portability, things are moving towards trackpads. While the mouse continues to dominate the pointing device market, the trackball is quietly carving out a niche market and gaining a loyal following. I was having some problems with my Logitech Performance MX. The thumb button was stuck and the left click switch was acting up. This made tasks like drag-and-drop and double-clicking a pain. I decide to purchase a new mouse. I was comfortable with the Performance MX and wanted another high-end mouse but the only ones I could find were more oriented towards gaming. I saw the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 on display and it felt really comfortable. I was confused at first. I thought the ball was another feature of the mouse. After doing some research, I discovered this mouse was really a trackball. You control the pointer with the ball and the device itself remains stationary. After looking up some more reviews on this model, I decided to fork over the $50 and try it out. Heres my take.


First Impressions

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 BoxWhen I first unboxed this trackball, I was immediately reminded of its ergonomics. This trackball kept my hand at almost the same angle and my Performance MX. At first, I noticed that the trackball was a bit stiff. I had read that there is a way to correct this. First, pop the ball out from underneath with your pinky finger or a pen. Make sure you use the blunt side and not the pens tip. After you get the ball off, get a small knife or razor bade and strop the outer edge of the trackball case. If the ball was left in, it is where the ball meets the plastic. There seems to be a thin piece of plastic that is left over from the plastic molding process. Blow out all the black plastic shavings and re-insert the ball. If you did it right, you will notice that it is now easier to remove the ball. You will also notice that the ball moves much more smoothly without the stiffness. Be sure to not scrape off too much. You want to get the ball moving smoothly. If you scrape off too much, the ball can beВ popped off without any effort.


I was already aware of this before I purchased the Trackball M570 but if I had to live with that grinding feeling upon purchase, it would have definitely made this device feel cheap. After I got that out of the way, I plugged the unifying receiver in and test drove it. The unifying receiver is a small USB device that allows you to use this Trackball wirelessly. It is small enough to leave in your laptop if you decide to pack up and go. If you wish to take if off, there is a little slot in the battery compartment where you can store it. First impressions were exciting. I am not used to a trackball at all. The last time I remember using a trackball was in middle school. Although I was not used to it, the challenge was fun. It was awkward. Sometimes, I would move the trackball like a mouse. I had to consciously remind myself that the ball moved the pointer. I kept telling myself, This is not a mouse. This is a trackball!



Getting Use To The Trackball

The first day I got this trackball, I had to turn the sensitivity down to get use to the movements. It got more comfortable after about a day. It started to grow on me. At first, I would keep my thumb on the ball all the time. This made me accidentally moving items when I pressed left-click. I got by this by lifting my thumb off the ball before I clicked. At the end of the day, I stopped doing this. I got use to flicking the ball and stopping where I needed it. I got more comfortable with the ball and using it became more natural. I was still used to the Performance MX and its back and forward buttons. They are located where the ball is on the Trackball M570. I still had a bit of trouble getting use to their new location near the left-click. Using the trackball with my thumb felt a bit strange at first. I kept adjustingВ the trackballs position to find the perfect X and Y axis. After a few hours, I said, Forget it. After paying attention to where the pointer moves in relation to the trackball, there was no further need for me to adjust the trackballs place. I now focus on keeping it at a comfortable position and not aligning it right.




Logitech Wireless Trackball M570The ergonomics of this mouse is very good. It is nicely angled like the Performance MX and this puts the hand in a very natural position. I didnt think the Performance MX was anything special until I tried a cheaper, flat mouse. It cramped my hands in 15 minutes! The higher-end Logitech Mice and this Wireless Trackball M570 holds true to this ergonomic position. The left and right-click buttons are excellent. I would prefer Logitech put the back and forward buttons a bit higher. I am a palm gripper so this would be more beneficial for me. If you are a claw gripper, you will have no problems with these buttons. The Trackball M570 has 2 finger grooves at the right-side. These grooves are designed to be ergonomic and act as a ring and pinky finger rest. While it is good in practice, I find them a bit uncomfortable. After looking at it closely, I realized that this mouse may be too small. As is, this trackball would be better fit for someone with smaller hands. When I rest my hand on the trackball in a comfortable position, my ring finger sits right between the two sculpted choils. My pinky actually rests on the mousepad. Although this trackball isВ better suitedВ for smaller hands, it doesnt bother me too much since the trackball stays put and I just lay my hand on it. Overall, ergonomics is very good but not perfect. At least not for me.



Scroll Wheel

I have to take marks off on the scroll wheel. It is a standard scroll wheel. It isnt bad, but for $50, I wished Logitech added their Hyper-Scroll wheels found on higher input devices like the Performance MX and M500. A Hyper-Scroll wheel wouldve been a perfect ergonomic compliment to the smooth ball action. Not only is the scroll wheel generic, but it doesnt allow you to tilt left and right. Granted newer widescreen monitors limited this features use, nearly all $50+ mice have tilt. Why isnt it on this one? This leads me to believe maybe Logitech is cutting corners. This scroll wheel feels rubbery. The steps of each click feels soft. I is definitely quieter than standard scroll wheel but it doesnt feel as good. I was really spoiled with the Hyper-Scroll wheel. It allowed me to fly through long documents with a single flick. If you didnt want that, you can disable it with a mechanical button and have the standard click scroll wheel. When I first tried the Hyper-Scroll of other Logitech mice, ItВ surprisedВ meВ how good the steps felt. It was very firm and audible. The scroll wheel on the M570 almost feels loose. It is adequate, just not what Id expect from a $50+ trackball.



Looks Sexy

Some people think style isnt important in an ergonomic device. I have to disagree. Theres no reason we cant have both function and form. Fortunately for us, the Wireless Trackball M570 is a very handsome device. At first glance, it looks like a mouse with a ball on the side. Compared to gaming mice with 8+ buttons, this trackball looks rather tame. I like the blue color of the ball. Blue is a color that looks good on nearly any desk. It would be nice if Logitech made additional colors available. I would love to be able to customize my trackballs color. The dark plastic does a good job in making this device feel less cheap or rather more expensive. Overall, the Trackball M570 is probably the sexiest looking trackball Ive seen. The others either look like one-eyed insects(Trackman Marble) or handicapped devices(no offense).

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570


Final Thoughts

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 is an excellent alternative to standard mice. The accuracy of this trackball is very good as well as its ergonomic. The trackball is very smooth and fluid. I can see this device being used by many designers and engineers. I would like to see this trackball be slightly larger but the main thing I hate about this device is its scroll wheel. Like I said earlier, for the price, I would expect a better scroll wheel. One positive about the scroll wheel is that it stays put when you middle click.


Logitech claims this trackball has an 18-month battery life. Ive increased the polling rate to 1,000 MHz which is a 1 ms response time. This has made the trackball more responsive at the cost of battery life. This is not a big deal for me. After the included Duracell battery die, Ill swap it with a rechargeable NiMH.


Would I recommend someone buying this trackball? Thats a tough question. I have made the switch and I am happy but if you have used a standard mouse for years, the initial experience may put you off. For comfort, this trackball has been the best pointing device Ive used. Ive seen some videos of people using a trackball for gaming so I suppose it just takes time getting use to. One last thing I want to mention while using this device is that its just fun to use. Maybe its because Im a relatively green trackball user but I find it fun spinning the ball with my thumb. It is especially easy holding the left-click and moving the ball to highlight many files in a folder. If you want to try something different or you are concerned about repetitive stress injury, you may want to consider the M570. Although I like it, I can imagine some people hating it. Trackballs are so rare, its just one of those things where I dont see many feeling in-between.


Logitech Wireless Trackball M570


Pros: Good ergonomics, accurate, sexy looks, battery life
Cons: Scroll wheel, feels a bit small(personally)



Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

This trackball takes some time getting used to for traditional mouse users but it rewards you with great accuracy and good ergonomics. The only improvement it needs is an updated scrollwheel. Other than that, the trackball is smooth and easy to clean. The battery life is fantastic and will last you 6 months easily. I just wish it was a bit bigger for my hands.

Rating by Set Sar: 4.0 stars

The Ultimate Photo And Video Camera: Canon 60D Review

Canon 60d

AMAZING! Thats what this camera is. With a lot of chatter of the 60d being a downgrade from the last or it being an over hyped camera, I was stuck clueless of what camera I would get. Having debated between the 60d, the t3i and the 7d I ended up purchasing the 60d for a few reasons. (If you’re interested read why I chose the 60d instead of the t3i and 7d read here) While I understand the 60d is not a huge evolution from what the t2i/550d was, I don’t believe a lot of people understand what canon packed into the t2i. Having said that, anything a step up from that little rebel only means a beast of a camera. Im pretty sure with the right lens you can produce exceptionally well images with any of the rebel cameras. So the 60d is definitely nothing to be babied. I needed a camera that would meet my photography needs but at the same time something that would replace Sony HD camcorder. The 60D met those requirements and Ive been using it for a while now; I must say Im impressed. So let’s get down to the review!




Build Quality

The 60D is somewhat weather proof, but not at the level of the 7d. While it is not a magnesium alloy build like its older brother the 50d, the 60d still has a great polycarbonate body. Personally I would say that this camera has the right weight and feel to it.

I understand the disappointment from many that the 60d is a step down from the 50d however; I still think that people should give the 60d a hold before they judge it.В  The 7d (Or 5d if you have the money) might be the right route to take if the magnesium alloy enclosure is extremely important to you.




Canon 60d Top LCDEvery video review I’ve watched and every review I’ve read all suggest that the 60D has horrible ergonomics. My first opinions of owning the camera was that the reviews were right. But they still were better than what the canon Rebel series offered. However after using it for a few months I realize that it’s not bad at all. Actually it’s great! Okay, so the button layout on the back of the cameras isn’t the quickest to navigate through. But I’d say anyone planning to get a 60D or anyone who already own it will end up using the quick view LCD on top. I have no problems switching the settings on top.

The lock on the top dial for changing your creative shooting modes is a tad bit annoying. I have never changed shooting modes accidently so I thought it was pretty pointless. But honestly, I don’t find myself switching the modes so often enough to say it’s a deal breaker. I shoot on manual mode for the most part and every now and then I switch it up to take more convenient shots or to just record movies. I would be happier without it, but it’s such a small price to pay to own this camera.  And hey, I’ve read many who do enjoy the lock so another plus!




Image Quality

Don’t be surprised if you bought the 60d with the kit lens and you’re a tad disappointed. (Our kit lens review here) While it has an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, your image quality will more or less dependent on the glass you actually put on it. This said, you can pretty much get the same image quality on a t1i that you can on this 60d.

So with the right lens, you can get professional shots. I’ve only used a few lenses such as the 50mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4, 28mm 1.8, and my the kit 18-135mm but I must say I’m overall impressed with the image quality. My brother in law has the 60d and he shoots with the 70-200mm 2.8; the image quality that it produces: Amazing…….

I personally don’t raise the ISO too high but you have the option to bump up your ISO to a HIGH 128,600. I’ve only shot it at that ISO to test it. It’s pretty much unusable with all the noise.

You also have the option of shooting with the creative filter like toy and miniature effect. If you’re interested in that kind of photography, the 60d offers it!




Video Mode

I wrote an article that explained whether you should get the 60D solemnly for video or not here. But to review once again, the 60d video is great for certain people. It still suffers from the jelly effect that plagues all DSLR’s. But if you intend to do a lot of tripod work or plan to buy a Steadicam the 60d is a great combination.

I love the fact that this camera has many different settings to tamper with from being able to shoot at 1080p video all the way to shooting at 720p at 60fps for a nice slow motion effect.

After using this camera for a while I can see why a lot of video enthusiasts are going to DSLR’s. The option to switch lenses and change of the settings such as ISO, shutter speed and white balance makes this full video camera!

Be sure to buy a fast SD card when using it on the 60D; if it’s not fast enough your card will only record a few seconds of 1080p. I didn’t realize this at first and I thought I had a defective model.


Canon 60d Swivel Screen


The swivel screen

Don’t underestimate the swivel screen! I know a lot of photo enthusiast aren’t too happy about the screen and are hoping canon do no implement this into the future of the 7d or 5d but I must say that for video work the swivel screen comes in handy.  You don’t need to record at ground level to see how useful the screen actually is. I notice even on a tripod the screen makes my work much easier. Instead of having to bend down a little to have my eye at level with the screen the screen on the 60d pretty much adjust to my liking.

Canon 60d Swivel Screen




Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell I really do love this camera. If you’re looking to do professional work with both video and photography then the 60d is right up your ally. Keep in mind that you’re going to need some nice lens to reach this cameras full potential. If money is an issue then you might want to consider the t3i and a nice lens with that.  If video isn’t important, I would still suggest this camera. Its build quality is great in comparison to canon rebel series.  And keeping in mind that you can produce the same image quality on the 60d than what you can on the 7d, unless you are shooting sports photography, I would recommend checking out the 60d. Good luck on choosing the right camera. Remember the right camera for me may not be the right for you. Find the right camera and you will use it!


Why I Bought The Canon 60d Instead Of The T3i Or 7d

Canon 60d

I had a hard time choosing the “right” camera for myself. I knew for a fact that I was going to stick with Canon because my friends all owned canon and we intended to swap lenses from time to time.  Yes, each of the three cameras will offer very similar if not the same image quality. However, each camera are still completely different in my opinion and they cater towards different photographers.  I had originally heard many degrading opinions about the 60d and how the entire camera’s layout was inefficient.  I admit while I was testing out the three cameras at best buy, I didn’t enjoy the ergonomics on the 60d; it felt like every button was bunched together to fit in Canon’s new swivel screen.  And the top lock on the dial just seemed useless to me. The t3i was a nice cheaper camera that I could have gotten and saved some money for a better lens. And at the moment the 7d felt great in my hands. So after all of that why did I end up choosing the 60d over the t3i and the 7d?



Why I skipped the t3i

The t3i was about 900 dollars with the kit lens while the 60d was about 1300 dollars with the kit lens. (I was able to get it for 1200 because at the moment Canon had a rebate sale) So why did I toss in the extra 400, or 300 in my case, bucks to get the 60d instead? While I admit the 60d wasnt to my liking at first, I still felt like the t3i didn’t feel right in my hands. I don’t have huge hands or anything but that extra heft the 60d offers just felt right to me. While the t1i, t2i, and t3i all feel a tad bit too light and small.When you’re buying a camera, it’s really important to buy what feels right to YOU. When you get that right camera in your hands, you will be more inclined to actually use it. The actual layout of the 60d’s buttons just makes changing your settings so much easier in compassion. I notice I never actually use the rear swivel LCD screen to change my settings.  Instead I’m always using the quick view screen on the top which much faster to get to.


Every now and then I go back to my friend’s t3i or t1i and notice I don’t like fiddling through the menus with the rear buttons.  But after a while on the 60d, even with the buttons feeling bunched together on the rear, once you get used to it, it’s not as bad as everyone claims. I definitely prefer the ergo on the 60d rather than the t3i.

I also notice the 60d, while I haven’t read anything on it, feels like it has a much snappier autofocus in comparison to my friend’s t3i. I didn’t expect this. As you read above the size and ergonomics was fine enough for me to upgrade. So that was a nice plus!

It’s also a great option to just buy the cheaper camera and buy some better glass. That was a huge option for me but I intended to keep the 60d for a while so I got it over the t3i.

So while the t3i is a great camera for many, I thought the extra few hundred for the 60d was well spent.



Canon 60d Side


Why IВ didntВ go for the 7d

Honestly, I do envy some with the 7d. Just because, it’s a 7d! However I decided to skip out on it.  1900 bucks with the kit lens was a little too much for me.

For the extra 600 bucks, sure I would have gotten a camera with even better ergo, and I just spent half a page above explaining how important that was to me. However, I knew that no matter what I would get I would end up getting used to it. And that’s just what happened. I got the 60d and I’m perfectly happy with its ergo and I don’t personally need what the 7d offered. I’m able to adjust any settings without any slowdowns.

The 7d, while it is an extra 600 bucks, you do get what you pay for. 8 frames a second: great for sports photography. However, I knew from the start that I wouldn’t really go that route in photography so I thought I should not spend that extra cash when I didn’t intend to use it.

The main reason why I got the 60d over the 7d was the swivel screen. I never use it for photography but when it comes to video it’s great. At first I thought the screen would have been a gimmick type thing.  But after shooting some short videos with it, I notice it makes shooting videos much more “low key.” I don’t need to hold the screen up eye level to record something. I just simply pull out the screen and turn it a bit and then I’m off to record the next dark knight!

Considering many, including myself, are buying DSLR’s for cinematic videos, the 60d’s swivel screen just makes your work that much more convenient. So for MYSELF, the screen, out weighted all of the other features that the 7d offered.






Last thoughts

I know some are disappointed by the fact that Canon made the t3i, 7d, and 60d so very similar but I assure you that these three cameras are targeted towards completely different people.  Yes, they all take very similar photos but the t3i is an entry level camera, with an entry level build quality.  And yes the 60d isn’t too far off from the t3i, but we should understand that the t3i was already a beast of its own. We should be happy that Canon packs a lot into a cheaper model. If you have the extra cash and you want a better build and a couple of more features then go for the 60d. And finally the 7d offers 8fps, 2 frames more than the 60d. To the average person that may not seem like much, but for the enthusiast sports photographer it could mean making that shot to pay for his or her bills or missing it. That’s just something to keep in mind.






The t3i is a great camera but I wanted something a bit sturdier and ergonomically better. And while the 7d even betters the 60d at ergo, the 60d offered the swivel screen that, for me, made it the right camera.

If you’re still debating on the three DSLR’s definitely take your time to think about the work you plan to do.  Maybe investing into a cheaper body and better glass might be a better deal for you.  While all cameras are great, one will fit you better than the rest.

Now, I wonder if the 5d Mark iii will have the swivel screen.В  Gulp.