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The Ultimate Photo And Video Camera: Canon 60D Review

The Ultimate Photo And Video Camera: Canon 60D Review

AMAZING! Thats what this camera is. With a lot of chatter of the 60d being a downgrade from the last or it being an over hyped camera, I was stuck clueless of what camera I would get. Having debated between the 60d, the t3i and the 7d I ended up purchasing the 60d for a few reasons. (If you’re [...]

Is The Canon 60D Kit Lens Worth It? 18-135mm Review

I had a hard time getting my hands on the canon 60D. I read a lot of reviews that suggested that I should skip the 60D’s kit lens and go straight for primes. Either that or just to save up for a better zoom lens. I searched for a while and couldn’t find any at [...]

The End Of Point And Shoot Cameras?

Many people have already heard about Cisco stopping production of their Flip video cameras. The death of Flip has many people questioning why it failed. Was there a demand for it? Did it fail to appeal to the masses. Was this death inevitable? Some people say the writing was on the wall. Many point and [...]

When Do Megapixels On A Camera Matter?

When I first got into photography years back I searched online and reduced my options to cameras with the highest megapixel. Man, was I naive. Even todays most basic point and shoot can offer a whopping 15 or more megapixels. However when it comes to your image quality there is a lot of misunderstandings that [...]

Canon T1i Kit Lens Review: Is It Any Good?

After getting my first DSLR, I decided to take the time to read and learn as much as I can about photography. There are many forum posts and YouTube videos saying that kit lenses are garbage and you should stay away from them. After getting the Canon T1i as a kit, I started to wonder [...]