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I Hate BlackBerry: Why It Sucks

RIM is no stranger to bad press. When the whole blogosphere is counting down the days until they die, you know something is wrong. Ive been using BlackBerry for a few years now. As much as I love the phone, there are lots of things about it that I cant stand. A brief history. my [...]

An Alternative Movie Player For The iPhone: Goodplayer App Review

I know everyone hates the idea of having to convert videos into the iPhone. Its time consuming and the end product isnt always flawless. From time to time your converted videos end up pixelated or even more bothersome: out of sync audio. So instead you look for an alternative means of viewing videos on the [...]

Disappointment: No iPhone 4S For T-Mobile

It has been a while since I have posted an article so I thought I start again with an update rather than a review or video. So what’s on my mind? Not an iPhone on T-Mobile that’s for sure.  After the news that T-Mobile and AT&T were merging, I had high hopes for an iPhone. [...]

White iPhone 4 Now Available….To Not Fit Slider-Cases

Its taken over a year for Apple to release their anticipated White iPhone 4. Now with the release many reports В has claimed that its about 0.2mm thicker than their black counterpart. While the iPhone 4 still works with many cases, varies reports has stated that the iPhone no longer fits their slider-case. Others on the [...]

Is Open Source Android Dying?

When Android launched, it was a praised by developers and users for embracing the open-source community. Built under Linux, Android did for the mobile market what no other company couldВ have done on the desktop. Google made Linux mainstream. From its initial releaseВ in 2008, Android quickly became a household name competing with the likes of Microsoft, [...]