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BlackBerry PlayBook Review ? An Underrated Tablet?

Its been a little over a month since I got my PlayBook and instead of waiting for OS version 2.0 to come out, I think Ill just do a review now and a second look later. As of this review, the current version I have on my PlayBook is OS version 1.0.8.XXXX. These last few [...]

I was in the market for a cheap netbook with a fairly decent keyboard. I wanted one that I could lug around without having to constantly worry about it being scratched, scuffed or dented. В I babied my Macbook Pro and I noticed when I brought it around, I was a little too obsessed with keeping [...]

    IveВ been using the Samsung SyncMaster SA550 for about a month now and, as promised, here are my final thoughts of it.В  If youВ didntВ already, make sure you check out my first impressions of this monitor here. В (This review will make a lot more sense) As mentioned, I’ve had this monitor attached to my 2011 [...]