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How To Make Cherry MX Switches Quieter On Mechanical Keyboards

When I did my unboxing and first impression- of my new Leopold Tenkeyless Brown keyboard, I mentioned that the keys seemed kind of loud. Turns out, I was right. Well, the Cherry MX В brown switches may be quieter than the Cherry MX blues, but they are still loud enough to bother my girlfriend while shes [...]

Leopold Tenkeyless “Brown” Keyboard: Review

It has been a few days since the unboxing of this mechanical keyboard and Ive had time to put it through good use. Before I made my purchase, I spent a few days looking through YouTube and lurking at GeekHack to educate myself on mechanical keyboards. Before I pulled the trigger, I was seriously tempted [...]

Leopold Tenkeyless Brown Keyboard: First Impressions

About a week ago, I had an accident that involved coffee and my Microsoft NaturalВ ErgonomicВ Keyboard 4000. Lets just say, the keyboard didnt survive. I decided to try something different. This was my second Natural Ergonomic keyboard in 3 years. The first one died from beer. Pretty much the same story. Ive learned my lesson. Dont [...]