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The Ultimate Photo And Video Camera: Canon 60D Review

Canon 60d

AMAZING! Thats what this camera is. With a lot of chatter of the 60d being a downgrade from the last or it being an over hyped camera, I was stuck clueless of what camera I would get. Having debated between the 60d, the t3i and the 7d I ended up purchasing the 60d for a few reasons. (If you’re interested read why I chose the 60d instead of the t3i and 7d read here) While I understand the 60d is not a huge evolution from what the t2i/550d was, I don’t believe a lot of people understand what canon packed into the t2i. Having said that, anything a step up from that little rebel only means a beast of a camera. Im pretty sure with the right lens you can produce exceptionally well images with any of the rebel cameras. So the 60d is definitely nothing to be babied. I needed a camera that would meet my photography needs but at the same time something that would replace Sony HD camcorder. The 60D met those requirements and Ive been using it for a while now; I must say Im impressed. So let’s get down to the review!




Build Quality

The 60D is somewhat weather proof, but not at the level of the 7d. While it is not a magnesium alloy build like its older brother the 50d, the 60d still has a great polycarbonate body. Personally I would say that this camera has the right weight and feel to it.

I understand the disappointment from many that the 60d is a step down from the 50d however; I still think that people should give the 60d a hold before they judge it.В  The 7d (Or 5d if you have the money) might be the right route to take if the magnesium alloy enclosure is extremely important to you.




Canon 60d Top LCDEvery video review I’ve watched and every review I’ve read all suggest that the 60D has horrible ergonomics. My first opinions of owning the camera was that the reviews were right. But they still were better than what the canon Rebel series offered. However after using it for a few months I realize that it’s not bad at all. Actually it’s great! Okay, so the button layout on the back of the cameras isn’t the quickest to navigate through. But I’d say anyone planning to get a 60D or anyone who already own it will end up using the quick view LCD on top. I have no problems switching the settings on top.

The lock on the top dial for changing your creative shooting modes is a tad bit annoying. I have never changed shooting modes accidently so I thought it was pretty pointless. But honestly, I don’t find myself switching the modes so often enough to say it’s a deal breaker. I shoot on manual mode for the most part and every now and then I switch it up to take more convenient shots or to just record movies. I would be happier without it, but it’s such a small price to pay to own this camera.  And hey, I’ve read many who do enjoy the lock so another plus!




Image Quality

Don’t be surprised if you bought the 60d with the kit lens and you’re a tad disappointed. (Our kit lens review here) While it has an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, your image quality will more or less dependent on the glass you actually put on it. This said, you can pretty much get the same image quality on a t1i that you can on this 60d.

So with the right lens, you can get professional shots. I’ve only used a few lenses such as the 50mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4, 28mm 1.8, and my the kit 18-135mm but I must say I’m overall impressed with the image quality. My brother in law has the 60d and he shoots with the 70-200mm 2.8; the image quality that it produces: Amazing…….

I personally don’t raise the ISO too high but you have the option to bump up your ISO to a HIGH 128,600. I’ve only shot it at that ISO to test it. It’s pretty much unusable with all the noise.

You also have the option of shooting with the creative filter like toy and miniature effect. If you’re interested in that kind of photography, the 60d offers it!




Video Mode

I wrote an article that explained whether you should get the 60D solemnly for video or not here. But to review once again, the 60d video is great for certain people. It still suffers from the jelly effect that plagues all DSLR’s. But if you intend to do a lot of tripod work or plan to buy a Steadicam the 60d is a great combination.

I love the fact that this camera has many different settings to tamper with from being able to shoot at 1080p video all the way to shooting at 720p at 60fps for a nice slow motion effect.

After using this camera for a while I can see why a lot of video enthusiasts are going to DSLR’s. The option to switch lenses and change of the settings such as ISO, shutter speed and white balance makes this full video camera!

Be sure to buy a fast SD card when using it on the 60D; if it’s not fast enough your card will only record a few seconds of 1080p. I didn’t realize this at first and I thought I had a defective model.


Canon 60d Swivel Screen


The swivel screen

Don’t underestimate the swivel screen! I know a lot of photo enthusiast aren’t too happy about the screen and are hoping canon do no implement this into the future of the 7d or 5d but I must say that for video work the swivel screen comes in handy.  You don’t need to record at ground level to see how useful the screen actually is. I notice even on a tripod the screen makes my work much easier. Instead of having to bend down a little to have my eye at level with the screen the screen on the 60d pretty much adjust to my liking.

Canon 60d Swivel Screen




Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell I really do love this camera. If you’re looking to do professional work with both video and photography then the 60d is right up your ally. Keep in mind that you’re going to need some nice lens to reach this cameras full potential. If money is an issue then you might want to consider the t3i and a nice lens with that.  If video isn’t important, I would still suggest this camera. Its build quality is great in comparison to canon rebel series.  And keeping in mind that you can produce the same image quality on the 60d than what you can on the 7d, unless you are shooting sports photography, I would recommend checking out the 60d. Good luck on choosing the right camera. Remember the right camera for me may not be the right for you. Find the right camera and you will use it!


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