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Razer Deathadder First Impressions

Razer Deathadder Glow

To start, I know what you must be thinking, First Impressions for a Mouse? Well, I do first impressions because I really want to provide our readers with the full experience. Yeah, I may like a product after first usage, but who knows, after a week or so I may realize that I really hate it. I would rather write a first impression, and a final and full review, rather then provide inaccurate information. Now, back to the Razer Deathadder. If youve read my review on the Samsung QX401, then you probably already know that I did not like the trackpad. So I decided to purchase a mouse. My first thoughts were to get the Logitech MX performance, however, my friend already owned that mouse and I thought Id give something else a try. All of the forums pointed me to the brand Razer. So, I did some Bing searches and found that the Deathadder, while one of the more affordable, was one of the more favoritedВ of the bunch. So I bought it through Amazon and in 2 days flat, (I love Amazon Prime) IВ receivedВ my mouse. So after 2 days of using it, how do I like it you ask?


Design and Build

Its strange, the mouse itself В is pretty plain, but at the same time it has two blue glows on it, which В makes the mouse veryВ desirable. The mouses build is very durable with no loose edges. The scroll wheel feels very tight, which is a good thing. It has your standard right and left click and two otherВ programmableВ buttons. I love that Razer made the cord a durable shoe lace like material and design. It feels very rugged and I dont see it falling apart anytime soon.


I think that comfort is an extremely important factor. Or else I would just be using my laptops trackpad. The Deathadders comfort is fantastic. My hand and fingers just lay on the mouse nicely. I owned the Apple Magic Mouse before this, and while it did serve its time well, I never really liked , or got used to the fact, that it was extremely flat. With the deathadder, its nice curve just made using a mouse a breeze.

Razer Deathadders Cord




What good would a mouse be if it didnt work properly. I know, I am once again comparing this mouse to apples, but I can easily say that this mouse is the winner when it comes to responsiveness. I DONT play too many video games, but even using this mouse for my every day task, Ive notice just how responsive this mouse is from pointing to one side of the screen to the next, as well as simply clicking. I would even go as far to say that, while it doesnt have any many features, it betters the Logitech MX performance mouse when it comes to its responsiveness.


All in All

I think that this mouse will be a desk companion with me for a while. Its design is nice and simple, it has blue glowing lights, (YES!) very comfortable and it is extremely responsive. Ive said it before but Ill say it again, it does its job RIGHT!

Stay tuned for my full review of this mouse soon. Thanks for reading!

Leopold Tenkeyless Brown Keyboard: First Impressions

Leopold Tenkeyless Box

About a week ago, I had an accident that involved coffee and my Microsoft NaturalВ ErgonomicВ Keyboard 4000. Lets just say, the keyboard didnt survive. I decided to try something different. This was my second Natural Ergonomic keyboard in 3 years. The first one died from beer. Pretty much the same story. Ive learned my lesson. Dont get your keyboards wet. After this keyboard died, I was on the web and YouTube looking for some keyboard reviews. I found a niche of keyboards that easily sell for over $100. At first, I thought that was crazy. Who pays that much money for a regular keyboard? They keyboards dont really do anything special. They dont have tons of feature. Why should I pay that much money for a keyboard that does less? Before I dismissed the claims, I was curious to see why these mechanical keyboards were so popular. People seem to swear by them. After doing some research, IВ pulled the trigger and purchaseed my first mechanical switch keyboard. The Leopold TenkeylessВ FC200RT/AB. AKA, the Leopold Tenkeyless Browns.






During my research, I learned a few thing about keyboards. Apparently all the cool kids rate keyboards by their switches. By cool kids I mean geeks. Basically, there are many types of mechanical switches. The de-facto standard when it comes to mechanical keyboards are Cherry MX switches. These switches come in different colors. Blue, brown, clear, and red. Each color switch have their own unique characteristics. For example, Blues are the clicky switches which have very good tactile feedback. Blacks, however, are not clicky nor do they have good feedback. These areВ good for gaming. Brown switches are considered a goodВ middle-ground. They are not clicky but they do have good tactile feedback. I was struggle between this Leopold and the TypeMatrix keyboard but in the end, myВ curiosityВ of the mechanical feel won my money. I purchased mine for $109 before shipping and handling at Elite Keyboards.



Leopold TenkeylessThe packaging was pretty bare. It was a box in another box. This was fine. There was no sign of damage and it came in one piece. The box was simple and clean. It came with the keyboard, a USB to mini-USB plug, and a USB to PS/2В adapter. When I plugged it the keyboard, it didnt work. The scroll lock and caps lock LEDs would turn on briefly but then nothing. At first, I thought this was a Linux problem. Searching the web didnt give me any answers. This keyboard is fairly new. I tried it on my girlfriends Windows machine but the same thing happened. I tried every USB port I had but no luck. I thought I might have purchased a dud but then I decided to try it on the PS3. It worked! It worked perfectly on the PlayStation 3 but not my computer. I thought my computers USB ports werentВ deliveringВ enough power. It turns out, the mighty PS3 fixed this problem. Now it works fine on my laptop.



The typing experience was a bit strange at first. I think I may have gotten too used to the split keyboard design. I tried toВ acclimateВ myself with the traditional style by using my laptop keys as much as I could but its only been a few days. I wasnt too confident typing with these at first but I В took a typing test and beat my Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard record. I quickly got used to it and it feels great. If I press the keys slowly, I can feel when the letters input. They keyboard is also heavier than I expected. It has a high-quality feel to it. The letters are laser etched with white paint filled in. Most keyboards have a cheaper sticker placed on the keys. This is a much nicer keyboard overall. First impressions are good so far. Stay tuned for a full review.


Full review is up. Click here to read it.

Leopold Tenkeyless 2

First Impressions: Samsung SyncMaster SA550

Samsung SyncMaster SA550

To compliment my Macbook Pro I recently picked up a 23” beauty of a monitor: the Samsung SyncMaster SA550. I have only owned this LED delight for about a week so this will only be the first impression. I picked it up at Best Buy for about 250 bucks; my good friend and I stood in awe to compare the Samsung with every other monitor they had to offer. Excluding the Apple Cinema display because it in the Apple section and because the price tag would burn a hole into my wallet. From the monitors that Best Buy had to offer my friend pointed out that the Samsung’s color seemed more accurate while the other brands either seemed too cool or too warm and once pointed out it was clearly so. The Samsung LED monitor features a 19201080 crisp resolution that we applaud!  For your convenience Ive broken down my first impressions to a few points that I thought were important. So wait no longer, here are my first impressions.  (Edit: Ive now owned the monitor for about a month so here is my full review!)




This monitor simple looks amazing. Yes it’s plastic but that does not take anything away from it. It has a clear plastic (Not glass) finish that just gives it that professional look to it.  Of course it comes in a nice sleek finish which makes me proud to have it on my table!



Build Quality

I did know what I was buying from the start considering I spent an hour or so peeping its display however, when I got home I realize the actual build quality was only okay. I say okay because the actual display has plastic pieces that you actually need to put pop in yourself. Its not a big deal but it makes it some parts feel a little hallow. I really do trust the Samsung brand and I don’t think it’ll ever collapse but I should mention that if you touch the monitor it tends to shake. (Pretty common to a lot of monitors.) But if you’re not actually poking it (Who does? Haha) this monitor is perfectly sturdy; I can bang on my computer table and have no worries.

Pics Below Explain What I mean by feeling Hallow

Samsung SyncMaster SA550 Back
Notice the plug goes into the plate. The Stand has a similar shell.



Yeah, it’s a LED 19201080 resolution monitor but you guys already knew that. What you should know is that this is a MATTE screen, not glossy; which I actually prefer. Considering the Macbook I own is already a glossy display the Samsung’s Matte makes it a great combination. I do notice that the colors aren’t as vibrant as my brother’s glossy iMac. However in comparison the colors are more accurate which makes it ideal for doing video and photo editing. (And of course watching movies on this display is still breathtaking!) I find no yellow tint that some monitors are cursed with so that’s a huge plus. And with refresh rate of 2ms I notice zero ghosting.


A Side Note:

I realized that the controls on the Samsung aren’t always  responsive. This is common with a lot of touch sensitive product. Bring back the physical buttons!


All In All

I am really digging this monitor. As should any product, it does it’s job right. Stay tuned until the TechShift team and I have used it a little more thoroughly for our final impressions!