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An Alternative Movie Player For The iPhone: Goodplayer App Review


I know everyone hates the idea of having to convert videos into the iPhone. Its time consuming and the end product isnt always flawless. From time to time your converted videos end up pixelated or even more bothersome: out of sync audio. So instead you look for an alternative means of viewing videos on the iPhone. I own the 64gb iPhone 4s so of course I had intensions in throwing tons of videos into it.В  Which in the end became a downside for me because the iPhone would only accept MP4, H.264 and motion JPEG. Needless to say, only about one tenth of my library was actually supported by the iPhone. I decided to look for a few alternatives and I remember having the VLC player app for my iPod touch a while back. I suppose I have been living under the rock for quite some time now because that app was, sadly, removed from the App Store.В  So I did some browsing and I found this app calling Goodplayer coming at 2.99. I was hesitant because it had an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars on the Apple App store. But still, I was desperate so I invested 3 bucks into this app. And Im sure glad I did.



The interface itself is very simplistic. You arent greeted with any amazing artwork. From the main menu you have the option of viewing shared and local files. (You are also given the option to transfer media files through wifi if needed) And finally you have your settings menu where, I am actually surprised, you will find a ton of options.

Main Menu
Just some of the settings...


Uploading Process

The app is simple and easy. Just plug in your iPhone or iPod Touch into your computer and open up iTunes. From there click on Apps at the top. And once there you will see a box with a list of your apps. Click Goodplay. There you can simply drag and drop almost any video format into your iPhone/iPod touch without any problems.

Goodplayer and iTunes sync


Impressions and Quality

For the most part, the videos that I have uploaded consisted of files that were 720p mkv files.В  I did not have any glitches and such with those files. However, I have noticed, with larger HD files, ones that range from 4-5gbs, the video at times, did get a little choppy. It typically happens when I am switching the movie from landscape to portrait. (or vise versa) All while I am playing the actual movie. It correct itself in a matter of seconds but it is something to consider.

As far as audio lag, again, there were no problems with 95 percent of my files. But those super large HD files did give the audio a split second lag every now and then. But no worries, in about 5 seconds it seems to correct itself. It does not happen often, but when it does happen, it gets annoying.

Here are two screen shots. The top being what I normally view. The bottom being one of those larger files that from time to time become pixelated.



The app is three dollars. Is it worth it? I would say if you were lucky enough to snag VLC while it was still out in the app store, this app would not be anything new. However, if your in my position, where you just want an app that is simple and works. Then 3 dollars isnt much to ask for. Is the app perfect? Of course not. Every now and then you will run into one of those mentioned bugs. But for the most part, the app gets the job done. Forget the process of converting videos and check out Goodplayer.


Goodplayer For iPhone and iPod Touch

An easier way to watch your favorite movies on your iPhone or iPod touch without the hassle of converting. Whether its an AVI or MKV file, this player gets the job done. But does this paid app work flawlessly?

Rating by Len Thou: 4.0 stars

Disappointment: No iPhone 4S For T-Mobile

It has been a while since I have posted an article so I thought I start again with an update rather than a review or video. So what’s on my mind? Not an iPhone on T-Mobile that’s for sure.  After the news that T-Mobile and AT&T were merging, I had high hopes for an iPhone. I did not want to leave T-Mobile because they have always served me well. However, now that the new iPhone 4s has been said and done, I am extremely disappointed by the fact that all three carries: Sprint, Verizon and AT&T have obtained the iPhone 4s and all of Siri’s greatness; While T-Mobile, whom you would thought had the greatest chance of getting it did not. Especially when putting into consideration that AT&T, on a GSM network like T-Mobile, was the first to get the iPhone. There were also rumors of iPhone cases being sent to T-Mobile, as well as micro sim cards. Sadly, in the end, we T-Mobile owners are left out.

Can you use an iPhone 4s on T-Mobile’s network?

You most certainly can! However, I personally do not think it is worth it. You would have to buy the phone off contract, which will probably cost you two arms, a leg, and a vocal cord (Siri pun intended). And even after that, you will not be able to take advantage of its 3g network because AT&T and T-mobile both use different frequencies. So, is the iPhone4s without 3g data and a hefty price tag worth it for you? For me, I plan to just get the Blackberry Bold 9900 with its 4g glory. You can’t go wrong with that!


The Techshift Team and I will be doing more updates, first impressions and reviews as soon as we can! Enjoy, keep reading and follow us on Youtube and Twitter!


Steve Jobs: Dead At 56 RIP :(

RIP Steve Jobs

Its pouring all over the Internet. No, this is not a rumor. Steve Jobs, former CEO at Apple died yesterday at 56. Its almost surreal. Many of you already knew he was battling cancer in 2004 and underwent a liver transplant in 2009. Whatever yourВ opinionsВ on Apple and their products, theres no doubt Steve Jobs changed the world.


I always thought there was some sort of billionaires club that had the cure for cancer and Steve was a member. Im not too sure about that now. The TechShift crew often joke about this over a cup of coffee. I never thought he would die this soon. This news comes as a shock and I would like to pay me respects. RIP Mr. Jobs. :(

Apple В RememberingВ Steve Jobs

White iPhone 4 Now Available.To Not Fit Slider-Cases

iPhone 4 White vs Black Comparison

Its taken over a year for Apple to release their anticipated White iPhone 4. Now with the release many reports В has claimed that its about 0.2mm thicker than their black counterpart. While the iPhone 4 still works with many cases, varies reports has stated that the iPhone no longer fits their slider-case. Others on the other hand have mentioned that they managed to tightly squeeze their iPhone into the case but had trouble removing it. With it only being roughly 0.2mm thicker the difference is minimal and not apparent unless compared side by side with the black iPhone. And of course this added thickness by no means make this a chubby phone. However, I personally am a tad disappointed with this. Now, because I dont mind either color, if I were to buy an iPhone 4, I would snag the black one just for the sake of being that much thinner. I, along with the vast population, order many of my purchases online which include cases. While Im sure many vendors will eventually clarify which case fits which iPhone; for now to save any headaches I personally would just grab the black. Well, at least its finally here right?



Is T-Mobile Getting The iPhone?

With AT&T buying out T-Mobile hundreds of questions leapt around almost every website.  The big one was: Is T-Mobile getting the iPhone? T-Mobile however, publicly disappointed many folks, including myself on T-Mobile’s network, that they will not be getting the iPhone. However, T-Mobile owners rejoice because BGR has photos of the current (Well, unreleased white version) iPhone 4 running on T-Mobile’s network! Now do I think that T-Mobile will receive the iPhone 4? Probably not. However, a lot of news has been speculated that the iPhone 5 may be unveiled at either Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June or if not definitely sometime by the end of this year. In my opinion with the merge of AT&T and T-Mobile an iPhone will inevitably be accessible through T-Mobile in the near future, especially with a new iPhone coming. With T-Mobile catering to many owners, I think it would be wise and of course profitable to both Apple and AT&T if the next iPhone will be available to current T-Mobile owners. I like the G2 and all, but I hate walking into a local T-Mobile store and seeing 50 android phones, 1 Windows phone (The HD7 that I actually really like), and 2 phones not known to man. Yeah, the iPhone is only one phone but even anti-Apple fanboy will admit it s a nice  one and its nice to have that added option.


iPhone 4 running on T-Mobiles Network

Heres to hoping they make the right decision and give us T-Mobile users an iPhone. Cheers!