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BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 Review: A Second Look

The PlayBook just got a big update this pastВ FebruaryВ 21st, 2012 and Ive had a week to test it out. Theres been a lot of negative press on the PlayBook from the mainstream and sometimes, you just have to take a break from all the drama and just enjoy what you have. Having said that, I [...]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 Launches With Remote Control and Native Email

The PlayBook just got a big update today with the release of OS2. I woke up and was prompted by my phone to download the new Bridge version 2 when I realized what day it was. It was update day! Went to my PlayBook and there was a software update waiting to be downloaded. The [...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Review ? An Underrated Tablet?

Its been a little over a month since I got my PlayBook and instead of waiting for OS version 2.0 to come out, I think Ill just do a review now and a second look later. As of this review, the current version I have on my PlayBook is OS version 1.0.8.XXXX. These last few [...]

After I got my PlayBook, one of the first things I needed was a case. Buying a case is very important. You want something that will protect your new tablet from life threatening drops, deadly coffee spills, and general wear and tear. I did what any new age shopper would do. I looked for deals [...]

5 Must-Have Apps After Getting a PlayBook

Tweedless Twitter client What do most people do when they get a shiny new BlackBerry PlayBook? Besides bragging to their friends on how cheap they got it($200 in time for Black Friday), they look for cool apps! TheВ BlackBerry App WorldВ is not known for having tons of apps likeВ Apples iTunes storeВ orВ Androids MarketplaceВ but there are still [...]