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White iPhone 4 Now Available….To Not Fit Slider-Cases

Its taken over a year for Apple to release their anticipated White iPhone 4. Now with the release many reports В has claimed that its about 0.2mm thicker than their black counterpart. While the iPhone 4 still works with many cases, varies reports has stated that the iPhone no longer fits their slider-case. Others on the [...]

Is T-Mobile Getting The iPhone?

With AT&T buying out T-Mobile hundreds of questions leapt around almost every website.  The big one was: Is T-Mobile getting the iPhone? T-Mobile however, publicly disappointed many folks, including myself on T-Mobile’s network, that they will not be getting the iPhone. However, T-Mobile owners rejoice because BGR has photos of the current (Well, unreleased white [...]

Is Open Source Android Dying?

When Android launched, it was a praised by developers and users for embracing the open-source community. Built under Linux, Android did for the mobile market what no other company couldВ have done on the desktop. Google made Linux mainstream. From its initial releaseВ in 2008, Android quickly became a household name competing with the likes of Microsoft, [...]

Apples iPad line is setting a fierce pace in the tablet market. Its doing so well, iPad may soon be considered a brandnomer to tablets much like Kleenex is to tissue. In a market dominated by Apple, does RIM have a chance? Set to launch on April 19th, The BlackBerry PlayBook is RIMs first tablet [...]