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Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Is Here!

Narwhal Is Here!

Today marks the launch of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. This was a particularly important and different update. This is the first Ubuntu to launch with the Unity desktop as the default environment. Ive express some negative opinions about Unity in previous posts but I will probably try this one out anyways to see how stable it is. Natty Narwhal marks another first for Canonical. This is also the first Ubuntu distro to launch without a release candidate(RC). Natty Narwhal went straight from beta to release. Usually, it goes from Alpha, Beta, RC, and finally, launch. Skipping without a RC has me wondering if there are bugs still lurking. The new Unity desktop is also going to split the community.



Ive had mixed feelings about their 6-month release cycles. On one hand, its nice that theres always an update around the corner but on the other, I wish they would take their time getting things stable. Hardy Heron was probably the worse release Ive experienced but seeing how new Unity is, that may change. Ive tried Unity in the past and it was horrible. IllВ reserveВ final thoughts later this week when I get a chance to test it out. Click the link below to grab a copy.



KDE Pays Homage: Congratulates GNOME

KDE Congrats GNOME

Today was a big day in Linux. theВ GNOME ProjectВ launched version 3 of it popular desktop environment. Not only that but KDE had some kind words to say about them. In a show of respect, KDE announced that their official April updates will be codenamed: Congrats.


KDE said,

The codename Congrats dedicates this release to our friends over at the GNOME camp, who release a new major version today.



This April update will bring KDE up from 4.6.1 to version 4.6.2. This update will consist of bugfixes and translation pages improving on the Plasma Desktop and Netbook interface. This news comes at a strange time since many people(like me) have switched to KDE in light of the recent GNOME 3 changes. Perhaps there is a hidden snipe in this that were not aware of. Or perhaps Im just stirring up gossip. Ether way, check the GNOME and KDE sites to see the official changes and updates.


Choqok Fixes Crash On Startup Bug: 1.1 Released

Choqok 1.1

Choqok, the popular KDE miro-blogging(Twitter) client today released version 1.1 codenamed “Sizdah Be-dar“. Many KDE users were left with a broken Choqok as it would suddenly crash on startup all the time. After digging the web for answers, I realized I wasnt alone. Like any open-source project worth their salt, the guys at Choqok recognized the bug and put it on priority for a fix.


You can download Choqok(source) on the official site here. If you already the Kubuntu PPA in your source list, open KPackageKit, go to Software Updates, then click check for new updates.



A Unified Linux?: The Canterbury Distribution

The Canterbury Distribution

Is this a strange April Fools joke or is this for real? Debian, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Grml, and openSUSE announced today that they will be merging efforts to produce a unified Linux.


All of these respected websites have The Canterbury Distribution listed on the homepage. The features and goals are listed as:


  1. Simple as Arch technologically simple and bleeding edge.
  2. Stable as Debian highly dependable.
  3. Malleable as Gentoo you get what you really want.
  4. Live as Grml readily usable.
  5. Openminded as openSUSE broad and welcoming for everyone





A truly unified Linux has been the dream of many users including myself. I always wanted a universal way to install apps and open/run files. Ubuntu has been the closest thing we have to a unified Linux but its current movement towards the Unity desktop has actually cause its user-base to fragment. These sites say more news will be released in the upcoming days so lets hope this is real. I am really excited to see what comes out of this.



*UPDATE: Canterbury was an April Fools joke. I guess having a unified Linux distro was soВ ridiculous, these guys had to get together to laugh about it. Wanna hear a better joke? 2011 is the year of the Linux desktop.

Ubuntu Natty Narwhal Beta Release Is Here

Natty Beta1

Today, Ubuntu is scheduled to release the Beta of their upcoming Natty Narwhal (11.04). Unfortunately, the link on Ubuntus site returned a 404 page error. They will probably fix this soon but anxious Ubuntu testers will have to wait for now.

*update* link works now! Click on the screenshot below to go to the official page.







Natty Narwhal is an especially important release as this will be the first Ubuntu to be shipped out with the Unity Desktop standard. While some people have mixed feelings about Unity, lets hope this Beta release cleans up some of the rough edges until it finally launches in April.