Narwhal Is Here!

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Is Here!

Narwhal Is Here!

Today marks the launch of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. This was a particularly important and different update. This is the first Ubuntu to launch with the Unity desktop as the default environment. Ive express some negative opinions about Unity in previous posts but I will probably try this one out anyways to see how stable it is. Natty Narwhal marks another first for Canonical. This is also the first Ubuntu distro to launch without a release candidate(RC). Natty Narwhal went straight from beta to release. Usually, it goes from Alpha, Beta, RC, and finally, launch. Skipping without a RC has me wondering if there are bugs still lurking. The new Unity desktop is also going to split the community.



Ive had mixed feelings about their 6-month release cycles. On one hand, its nice that theres always an update around the corner but on the other, I wish they would take their time getting things stable. Hardy Heron was probably the worse release Ive experienced but seeing how new Unity is, that may change. Ive tried Unity in the past and it was horrible. IllВ reserveВ final thoughts later this week when I get a chance to test it out. Click the link below to grab a copy.



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