iPhone 4 White vs Black Comparison

White iPhone 4 Now Available.To Not Fit Slider-Cases

iPhone 4 White vs Black Comparison

Its taken over a year for Apple to release their anticipated White iPhone 4. Now with the release many reports В has claimed that its about 0.2mm thicker than their black counterpart. While the iPhone 4 still works with many cases, varies reports has stated that the iPhone no longer fits their slider-case. Others on the other hand have mentioned that they managed to tightly squeeze their iPhone into the case but had trouble removing it. With it only being roughly 0.2mm thicker the difference is minimal and not apparent unless compared side by side with the black iPhone. And of course this added thickness by no means make this a chubby phone. However, I personally am a tad disappointed with this. Now, because I dont mind either color, if I were to buy an iPhone 4, I would snag the black one just for the sake of being that much thinner. I, along with the vast population, order many of my purchases online which include cases. While Im sure many vendors will eventually clarify which case fits which iPhone; for now to save any headaches I personally would just grab the black. Well, at least its finally here right?



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