Android call logs deleted automatically? – Solved!

Are you worried about the weird problem of call logs getting deleted automatically on your Android Phone? Then here is the solution! I have seen many Android users asking this question on Oneplus and Google forums. But none of the forums contain any clear cut solution this issue.

I observed this issue when I upgraded my phone from old Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos to Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. It was in Mid 2019. My phone call logs were getting deleted very frequently from the first day itself. Sometimes I even saw it in front of my eyes!. A missed call came, I opened the Phone App, moved to Recents , and boom! all the previous logs got deleted in a flash!

The first solution came to my mind was doing a factory data reset. But I had already moved huge data from my old phone to the new. So I was not at all comfortable in creating a backup again and restore.

So I started experimenting various methods and found the following solutions, at least one among will work for most people.

Method-1 : Check Phone App Permissions/Clear Cache Partition

  1. Check the permissions given to the Phone App/ Dialer App of your Phone. Open Settings->Apps-> Enable Show System Apps. Search for Phone App and Tap on it. Now see the permissions. Enable all permissions like Memory, Storage, Call Logs and Contacts. Also delete the Cache of Phone App and restart the phone.
  2. Clear The Cache Partition from recovery mode.

How To Access Android Recovery Mode

Switch off the phone. Hold the power button and select “Power Off” from the menu

To switch on, Press and hold Power+Home+Volume Up buttons.

Keep holding until device manufacturer logo shows up and phone restarts again, you should enter Android recovery mode

Now use Volume up and Volume down buttons to navigate to Clear Cache Partition and press Power Button to Erase Cache Partition.

Method 2:Remove Call Log/Contacts Permission of Google Playstore App

Open Settings->Apps-> Enable Show System Apps. Search for Google Play and Tap on it. Now see the permissions. Disable permissions like Call Logs and Contacts. Now clear the Cache Partition as described above and restart phone.

Note: Removing these permissions prevent Google Playstore from doing sync and backup of your Contacts to Google Account.

Method 3: Test in Safe Mode:Best solution if Android call logs deleted automatically

If none of the above tricks works for you, this method should be the solution. To do so,first step is to boot your Android Phone in Safe Mode.

How to boot to Safe Mode

Press and hold the Power button.
Tap and hold Power off(Switch Off).
When the Reboot to safe mode prompt appears, tap OK to restart to Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, All the Third Party Apps installed by the User are disabled. Only the Factory Default Apps will be enabled. Use the Phone for some time to check whether the Call Logs are getting deleted automatically. Most probably the problem will not appear in Safe Mode.

If the issue does not appear in Safe Mode, then it is clear that some Third Party App is causing the call log issue. Now check all Third Party Apps those are having Call Logs and Contacts permissions. Uninstall / Disable such apps one by one and see whether the problem is appearing again. In this way you can find the problematic App and remove it, thus solving the issue.

In my case, it was the Jio4Gvoice App which was causing deletion of call logs automatically. I uninstalled it and never encountered this issue again.

Hope the tricks given above will help you solve the annoying problem with call logs. Comment your experience below!

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