Are Olympus cameras going out of business?

Are Olympus cameras going out of business? 

We’ve also learned OM Digital Solutions has licensed the use of the Olympus brand name. So, in addition to the OM and Zuiko branding, the cameras will continue to be released under the Olympus brand ‘for the foreseeable future.

How do I fix the card error on my Olympus camera? 

  1. “Card write protect switch” is not switched to “Lock”
  2. The memory card is compatible with the equipment.
  3. Memory card has been inserted correctly and carefully.
  4. The contacts of the memory card are clean.
  5. The memory card was formatted only once.
  6. Ensure that “File Name” is set to “Reset”

How do I know if my Olympus camera is charging? 

How do I factory reset my Olympus Tough? 

Factory Reset:

Select “SETUP” menu and then press the OK button. Press [</ dial left] to select the page tabs. Press the [V/ dial down] button to highlight the “Tools 1” tab, which is represented by a wrench and hammer 1 icon, and then press [>/ dial right] button. Select “Reset” and then press OK button.

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How do I reset my Olympus camera?

How do I reset my Olympus lens?

Instructions are to shut off camera, lock and remove lens, re-install lens but do not unlock. Turn on camera. Go to reset in menu and follow instructions.