Are there laptops that play Blu-Ray?

Are there laptops that play Blu-Ray? 

Most modern computers and laptops, that come with a disc drive, have the capabilities to play Blu-ray DVDs. This includes a powerful CPU like modern AMD processor and Intel processors, a powerful GPU and software to play a Blu-ray disc.

Can HP 15 laptop play Blu-Ray? 

HP did not offer a Blu-Ray option on the laptop. You can however buy a generic Blu-Ray disk and transplant the hardware which holds the DVD burner in the laptop.Nov 20, 2017

How do I play Blu-Ray on my HP laptop Windows 10? 

Select Media > Open Disc. Select the Blu-ray radial, check the box next to no disc menus, and verify that your Blu-ray is selected in the disc device field. Then select Play. Your video begins.

Can HP Envy play Blu-Ray? 

No. The optical drive is a DVD writer and will not support reading/writing of Blu-rays. You could either replace the drive or get an external USB Bluray Player/Writer.