Can I uninstall Cisco VideoGuard player?

Can I uninstall Cisco VideoGuard player? 

Can I delete Cisco VideoGuard player? If you no longer use these services, you can uninstall VideoGuard from your computer by using the Programs and Features Control Panel applet with no ill effect.

Does Sky need Cisco VideoGuard? 

Re: Cisco Videoguard Player

When installing the PC or Mac version of Sky Go you just need to install the app as cisco is no longer needed and even if it was it would be installed automatically.

What is synamedia VideoGuard? 

What is VideoGuard by synamedia? VideoGuard (sometimes referred to simply as NDS), produced by NDS, is a digital encryption system for use with conditional access television broadcasting. … Since 2018 VideoGuard is improved and maintained by Synamedia (Cisco’s spun-off company based on its former Videoscape division).

What encryption does SKY use? 

VideoCrypt is a cryptographic, smartcard-based conditional access television encryption system that scrambles analogue pay-TV signals. It was introduced in 1989 by News Datacom and was used initially by Sky TV and subsequently by several other broadcasters on SES’ Astra satellites at 19.2° east.

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What is Cisco VideoGuard monitor?

The Cisco VideoGuard Monitor incorporates device, application, and system security measures into one all-encompassing program. … The Cisco system provides continuous monitoring of unauthorized video access, as well as piracy detection and timely responses to potential attacks.

What does Cisco VideoGuard player do?

Cisco VideoGuard is described as a digital encryption service that’s used globally for video broadcasts. Because Sky Go and other companies that use Cisco Videoguard are subscription-based, says “the service encrypts standard subscription channels and pay-per-view movies and events” aired.

What is VideoGuard Sira?

Video Guard is a device for connecting a company’s electronic surveillance system to SIRA’s computer network. As you may know, SIRA is a government agency responsible for all things related to security within Dubai.