Can TV remote control optical audio?

Can TV remote control optical audio? 

The optical output of the TV is fixed level so the TV remote cannot control it. You have to use the HTS remote for volume. A universal remote such as a Logitech Harmony would allow you to use one remote to control both the TV and HTS.

Can my LG TV remote control my soundbar? 

Your LG Sound Bar is equipped with SIMPLINK technology that allows some of its functions to be controlled by your TV’s remote control when connected via HDMI. Some of the controllable functions include powering your Sound Bar on/off and controlling the volume.

Can you control volume through optical? 

No, optical cable only carries the digital audio in one direction, no control of volume. Control of devices like an AVR from the TV’s remote requires CEC which is an HDMI feature. Just curious, if this is 100% true, how is my Samsung TV controlling my Samsung Soundbar via the TOSLINK cable?

How do I program my LG Soundbar to my LG TV remote? 

  1. On your LG remote press the Home button.
  2. Select Device Connector.
  3. Select the Soundbar.
  4. Select Next afterwards.
  5. Select Remote Type 1.
  6. And select Next.
  7. Select Done.

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How do I control my soundbar with my TV remote?

Use the TV remote to navigate to Settings, select Sound, and then select Sound Output on your Samsung TV. Select your Samsung soundbar, and then select Close. Now you can use your TV remote to adjust volume and mute the soundbar. The soundbar should also turn on and off with the TV.

What is LG Sound Sync optical?

LG TVs have a Sound Sync setting, this is a software correction for synchronizing picture and sound. For example, maybe you noticed, when playing a video, the movement of the lips of the actors does not coincide with the sound. Here Sound Sync should synchronize video and sound.

How do I use the optical output on my LG TV?

  1. On your TV, press the home key > Settings > Advanced.
  2. Click Sound > Sound Out > Optical.

How do you sync audio on LG TV?

LG TV AV Sync Adjustment
  1. Press the Smart button. on the remote control and select Settings > SOUND, then press WHEEL or ENTER.
  2. Select the AV Sync Adjust option and press WHEEL or ENTER.
  3. Set to ON if there is a sync issue. Adjust the External Speaker slider to the left to delay Sound, or the right to delay Video.

Is HDMI ARC better than optical for sound?

HDMI ARC or digital optical audio? HDMI ARC is a better option. It supports Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, and up to 7.1 channels of uncompressed audio while Digital Optical only supports Dolby Digital and up to 5.1 channels of uncompressed audio.

Can you use both HDMI and optical audio?

Basic Info about HDMI and Optical Cables

As you probably know already, both HDMI and optical cables pass on the audio signals from one device to another. However, the main difference is that the optical cable cannot transmit video. That will likely be a deal-breaker for some users.Mar 20, 2021

Is Toslink the same as optical?

The official term for optical audio cable is “Toslink,” short for Toshiba Link. Developed in the early ’80s to connect their CD players to their receivers, it was a red laser optical version of the Sony/Phillips “Digital Interconnect Format” aka S/PDIF standard.Oct 30, 2017

Is optical audio good?

In terms of audio quality – HDMI wins

If you’re looking for the best audio quality, HDMI is your choice. While an optical cable can still pass surround sound and super high-quality audio, thanks to the added bandwidth in the latest HDMI versions (2.0) you’ll be able to pass higher resolution and audio.

How do you use optical audio?

How to Plug in an Optical Cable
  1. Check if the Optical Output Connector Has a Protective Cap.
  2. Find the Optical Input Connection on Your Home Theater Amplifier or Soundbar.
  3. Connect the Optical Audio Cable to Your TV or Cable Box.
  4. Connect the Optical Audio Cable to Your Amplifier or Soundbar.
  5. Turn on Your TV or Cable Box.

What is optical on TV?

The optical jack is designed to output sound when the video you’re watching contains digital audio (PCM or Dolby Digital® technology). This feature is available on certain digital broadcasts and streaming videos and isn’t supported on standard cable or analog stations.

What’s the difference between HDMI ARC and optical?

What’s the difference between HDMI ARC and Optical? Both HDMI and optical cables transmit a multi-channel digital audio signal, but where optical cables are limited to just that digital audio, HDMI was designed as both a video and audio transmission cable.

Do you need optical cable with HDMI ARC?

HDMI ARC removes the need for an optical cable and allows you to send audio ‘downstream’ from a compatible HDMI socket on your TV to a compatible HDMI ARC socket on a soundbar or AV receiver.

Can you get Dolby Atmos through optical?

Optical cables don’t carry Atmos, however. Connecting a source like Blu-ray directly to the receiver/soundbar has another benefit: Doly Atmos, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. If you have an older TV these higher-fidelity formats can’t be sent over ARC. But they will be able to with eARC.

How do I turn on Dolby Atmos on my LG TV?

There are two ways to access the audio settings for the TV: through the Quick Settings menu or the full Settings menu.
  1. Open the Quick Settings.
  2. Sound Mode options.
  3. Open full Sound Settings.
  4. Activate Dolby Atmos.
  5. Customize audio for your living room.
  6. Adjust audio balance.
  7. Use the audio equalizer.

How do I turn on Dolby Atmos on LG OLED?

Does my TV support Dolby Vision?

How do I know if my TV has Dolby Vision? To confirm Dolby Vision content reception, check the Picture Mode setting on the TV: Select Home → Settings and then, depending on your TV. Select Display & Sound → Picture → Picture Mode. …

Does LG have Dolby Vision?

LG OLED TV supports Dolby Vision™, the premium HDR format, as well as HDR10 and HLG. By applying exclusive scene-by-scene processing, LG OLED TV takes picture quality and viewing enjoyment to the next level.