Can you connect HTC Vive to laptop?

Can you connect HTC Vive to laptop? 

Yes, as long as your laptop meets the system requirements for VIVE Pro 2. If your laptop does not have a DisplayPort port but has a Mini DisplayPort port instead, use the Mini DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort adapter that came with VIVE Pro 2.

Can you use HTC Vive with HDMI? 

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Very few graphics cards have two HDMI outputs and we use ours to connect to a 1080p monitor.

Can you use a HTC Vive without a PC? 

The HTC Vive Flow is a $499 VR headset that doesn’t need a PC.

Can I use my HTC Vive as a Webcam? 

The HTC Vive’s camera can be used in three modes, each designed for use in different scenarios. These can be activated through the checkboxes found in the Camera section of SteamVR settings. The Allow Camera for Dashboard option activates the camera when the SteamVR Dashboard is opened.