Do ASUS motherboards have a warranty?

Do ASUS motherboards have a warranty? 

ASUS warrants the Product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the Warranty Period. The Warranty does not cover bundled accessories, which were delivered together with the Product such as: cables, I/O shield etc.

How long is a warranty on a motherboard? 

Motherboard Service Policy

New MSI motherboards purchased by end users will have a warranty period of 3 years (36 months) that covers damage due to regular usage but not physical damage caused to the motherboard.

How do I claim ASUS warranty Malaysia? 

How to claim ASUS Perfect Warranty? Customer shall visit any of the authorized ASUS Service Centers in Malaysia or Brunei along with the damaged unit and purchase receipt/invoice from the retail stores where the unit is purchased at.

How do I claim ASUS warranty UK? 

Warranty Replacement Options & Instructions for Server Products (EUROPE)
  1. Contact ASUS ARS Team.
  2. Define problem and determine defect.
  3. Fill out and submit online request form.
  4. Receive replacement product.
  5. Return defective product.

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How do I claim warranty on my ASUS motherboard?

Go to the Warranty Status Inquiry page of the ASUS official website. Enter your serial number① and check the box to ASUS Privacy Policy②, then click [Submit]③. Here you can learn more about How to find the product serial number. The search result will display your warranty expiration date of the product.

How much does ASUS repair cost?

How Much Does Laptop Repair Cost?
Cost Category Cost per Hour
Average $60
High $90
Low $45

How much does it cost to fix ASUS motherboard?

$150-300 for motherboard replacements. It is usually the motherboard that is most expensive part of a computer. A motherboard can cost anywhere from $25 to $200+. For a standard laptop or desktop, the price may be $30-150, while for a Mac or higher-end machine, it may be $200-600.

How do I check my ASUS warranty?

For how to identify the warranty period of different ASUS products, please refer to the instruction on product serial number page. If you have purchased the warranty extension (not original ASUS warranty) from the authorized dealer, you need to contact with the dealer for warranty check during the warranty extension.

How much is the ASUS diagnostic fee?

Only ASUS trained technicians will handle your device repairs. A $50 Diagnostic fee will be charged to the customer prior to actual quotation.

Will ASUS repair out of warranty?

If your device is out-of-warranty, request a comprehensive hardware diagnostic from our service center. Let ASUS be your one-stop-shop for shipping, handling, and repair with ASUS Certified Ship. Stay up-to-date with your repair with information directly from our service center.

Can I send my laptop to ASUS for repair?

ASUS Support is proud to service your device through the lifetime of your warranty. If you require diagnostic or repair from our expert service depot, please read the following instructions to properly package your ASUS product for shipment. Confirm your personal and product info in your confirmation email.Apr 30, 2021

How do I find my ASUS RMA number?

Dear Customer:

Please kindly check the sticker on the bottom of Your notebook. Serial Number is located directly over or under the barcode. Please check the sticker on the back of Your LCD. Serial Number is located directly over or under the barcode.

How much does ASUS RMA cost?

It will be an upfront cost starting at $25 USD for Components and starting at $40 USD for system products.

How do you RMA a motherboard?

How long is RMA ASUS?

I tested everything: alternate PSU, alternate system RAM – nothing. Called ASUS, they made me run a few tests they thought it was funny that no Q-Codes would appear (only 00 would display). So, we proceed to RMA. Here’s how the RMA system works with ASUS: YOU pay to return this (shipping time 5 to 7 days).

How long does it take to RMA an ASUS motherboard?

We can say that normal RMA time is 15-20 days if you are in same country. Everything below 15 days is very cool. Excellent is when manufacturer discover problem as soon as possible to send information in store to replace you. But if you RMA in other country could be 20-25-30 days.

What is RMA motherboard?

What is RMA. RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. It is the procedure for returning faulty hardware for repair or replacement.

What does RMA stand for?

RMA stands for return merchandise authorization.

It’s the first part of the process of returning a product to a business to receive a refund, replacement, or repair.

Why is RMA important?

RMA numbers are important to both the merchant and customer. An RMA number tells the merchant that a return is being made and offers protection against fraudulent returns. The customer can use the RMA number to inquire on the progress of a return.

How does RMA return work?

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is used when a customer wants to return merchandise. The form is filled out by the client and then sent to the seller, based on the seller’s return policy the client might get an RMA number, which means the seller is accepting the return of the merchandise.

What is RMA quality?

Return material authorization (RMA) is an arrangement in which the supplier of a good or product agrees to have a customer ship the item back to them in exchange for a refund or credit due to a product defect or malfunction.