Does Roku have a favorites list?

Does Roku have a favorites list? 

How do I find my saved list on Roku? 

‘ All of your saved titles will be saved and easily accessible in the Save List row on The Roku Channel. The new feature is available across The Roku Channel home screen on TV, web, or mobile in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. You’ll also be able to edit your Save List and remove titles you no longer want to keep.Feb 20, 2022

How do I edit my favorites on Roku? 

How do I save favorite shows on Roku? 

How to save favorite channels on Roku
  1. On your Remote press the arrow button to open the channel list.
  2. Click on your preferred channel.
  3. On the remote press the asterisk button (*)
  4. Choose “Add to Favorites”
  5. Press the OK button to confirm the selection.

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How do I add a channel to my favorites?

Add favorite channels
  1. Set your TV to the channel you want to add as a favorite.
  2. On the remote control, press the TV button to display the TV menu.
  3. From the menu, select TV control.
  4. Select Add to Favorites.
  5. Select Favorite 1 to Favorite 4 to register as a favorite channel.

How do you remove things from my feed on Roku?

Simply find the movie listed in the My Feed list, open the details screen, and select Unfollow this. After you unfollow a movie, TV show, actor or director, all updates within My Feed will be removed and you will no longer receive new updates for that item.

How do I add shows to my Roku feed?

To add videos in Roku Feed, just click on a movie or TV show from one of these menus, then select “Follow on Roku.” An entry for this item will then appear in My Feed, and you’ll get notified of any new episodes (for TV shows), along with price drops or arrivals on new streaming services.