Does Sony MDR ZX110AP have a mic?

Does Sony MDR ZX110AP have a mic? 

The MDR-ZX110 doesn’t have an inline mic or remote control, but Sony does sell a nearly identical model, the MDR-ZX110AP which does, for Rs. 700 more. The ear cups have very slight padding, which is enough for an acceptably comfortable on-ear fit.

Does Sony MDR ZX110NC have a mic? 

The Sony MDR-ZX110NC won’t block the ambient chatter of a lively office from seeping into your audio. On the upside, they don’t leak much. Sub-par for gaming. These headphones do not have a mic or any app support.

Does Sony MDR zx310 have a mic? 

More than your basic pair of over-the-head headphones, the Sony MDR-ZX310AP headset delivers rock-solid audio performance, integrated microphone for hands-free calling and media playback controls for convenient operation.

Does Sony MDR-EX15AP have a mic? 

The integrated microphone and multi-function control 1 button make the MDR-EX15AP the perfect companion for your smartphone. Android users can also enjoy the convenient Smart Key app for added control functionality directly from your smartphone.

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Does Sony MDR EX15LP microphone?

The Sony MDR-EX15LP refers to the “standard” version which basically has no mic/control and the Sony MDR-EX15AP is the Android version with a mic/control compatible with Android devices.