Download Google Chrome

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Google Chrome runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Web. The software license is freeware. This software is used to mainly open the .crdownload file. It can also open other file extensions. Download the software here.

Primary File Extension: .crdownload

Supported File Types

.bdic Chrome Dictionary File How to open .bdic
.crt Security Certificate How to open .crt
.crx Chrome Extension How to open .crx
.mht MHTML Web Archive How to open .mht
.nexe Chrome Native Client Executable How to open .nexe
.ogg Ogg Vorbis Audio File How to open .ogg
.url Internet Shortcut How to open .url
.webm WebM Video File How to open .webm
.webp WebP Image How to open .webp
.xhtm Extensible Hypertext Markup Language Document How to open .xhtm

Additional Related File Formats

.jpx JPEG 2000 Image File How to open .jpx
.jsp Java Server Page How to open .jsp
.webloc macOS Website Location How to open .webloc