How big of a box do I need for a 12 sub?

How big of a box do I need for a 12 sub? 

According to the JL Audio website, the recommended volume space for a 12-inch subwoofer is 1.25 cubic feet.

Is a ported box louder than sealed? 

If you like your music “boomy”, vibrating your car’s body panels, you want to consider a ported (vented) enclosure. These types of enclosures, when built with the properly calculated volume and tuned to the correct frequency for the subwoofer, are generally louder than a sealed enclosure.

Does depth of sub box matter? 

As long as the volume is where you need it, whether it’s a shallow box or deep box doesn’t matter. With 6″ of internal depth you’ll be looking at fairly shallow subwoofers, but if it’s 8″ of depth you can use almost anything.

Can a sub box be too big? 

Remember, there is such a thing as too big. As the size of the enclosure increases, the mechanical limits of the woofer will be easier to reach. If the box is too small (by a reasonable amount) add power.

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Does a bigger box make subs louder?

Too large a box allows the driver to exceed its’ mechanical limitations. Regardless if you believe it sounds “louder” or “better” it’s just not wise to do so. Buy a bigger sub. a bigger box makes it louder at a note just above the tunning hz.

Does bigger port mean more bass?

The size of this port affects how much bass your subwoofer can reproduce. Larger ports provide more bass response, while smaller ports are better at producing higher frequency sounds.

Which way should subwoofer port face?

Here is the short answer. For the best sound quality, the subwoofer should be placed with the speaker facing out to the room, and the port should be away from a wall. Bass waves travel in all directions, but it’s important to have the speaker facing your main listening area.

Does it matter where the port is in a sub box?

Do not block the opening of any port(s) and always position multiple ports on the same side of the enclosure. For optimum performance, keep the port one vent-diameter away from the back and sides of the enclosure. Obstructing the output of the vent may change the tuning frequency and increase port turbulence (noise).Dec 20, 1999

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