How do I connect speakers to my Sony Bravia TV?

How do I connect speakers to my Sony Bravia TV? 

Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI ports labeled ARC, or the port identified in your manual that supports ARC. Set Speakers to Audio system.

Option 1:

  1. A: TV.
  2. B: Audio system.
  3. C: HDMI cable (high quality, high-speed HDMI cable)
  4. D: TV Out ARC connection of the Audio system.
  5. E: HDMI ARC input on the TV.
Apr 20, 2022

Can I add speakers to my Sony TV? 

It may be possible to connect amplified computer speakers if the TV has a Composite Audio Out or Mini plug jack. If the TV has a Composite Audio Out jack, use a mini plug-to-composite audio adapter cable to connect the computer speakers.

Which speaker is best for Sony TV? 

Our Top Pick: Sony Sound Bar with Rear Speakers HT-Z9F

The best soundbar for Sony TV is the Sony HT-Z9F. It features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with 4K compatibility. The rear wireless speakers offer variety and flexibility in terms of placement, and can be used to create more accurate surround sound.

How do I fix the sound on my Sony Bravia TV? 

  1. Unplug your TV from the wall and wait 60 seconds.
  2. Reseat the power cord in the back of your TV.
  3. Manually update your TV to the latest software version.
  4. Reset audio/sound settings on Sony TV.
  5. Factory reset your TV with or without your remote.
  6. Change sound settings on Sony TV.
  7. Contact the Sony TV support team.

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How do I know if my TV speakers are blown?

The most common aural indication of a blown speaker is an unpleasant buzzing or scratching sound, by itself or roughly at the pitch of the note the speaker is attempting to reproduce. Or there could be no sound at all.

Why has my Sony TV lost its sound?

Check the Speakers setting on the TV. Make sure TV Speakers is selected. Increase the volume of the TV. A power reset or restart of the TV is recommended step and may resolve the sound issue.

How do I fix my TV speakers?

How to Fix the Speakers on a TV
  1. Unplug your television and lay it, screen down, on a soft surface such as on carpet or on a bed. Video of the Day.
  2. Remove the Phillips screws from the back of the television shell.
  3. Replace the old speaker with a new speaker that matches the old speaker in impedance.

How do I get the sound back on my TV?

How to fix a TV with no sound
  1. Increase the volume on the TV and/or your connected media device (streaming player, Blu-ray player, cable or satellite box, etc.).
  2. Check the audio settings on your TV and connected devices.
  3. Turn off and unplug your TV and connected devices.

Why did the sound stop working on my TV?

If the TV has a Headphone/Audio-Out settings in the Sound menu, set it to Audio-Out. Make sure all A/V cable connections are properly connected to the TV. Test the TV using another source like a VCR, DVD player or Blu-ray Disc player. Perform a power reset on the TV.

How do I hook up external speakers to my TV?

How do you connect a wired speaker to a smart TV?

How do I hook up external speakers to my TV without receiver?

All you need to do is connect the AUDIO OUT to the TV’s HDMI port. After that, use the amplifier’s output connection to connect it to the speaker. If you think about it, the two-channel amplifier literally acts in the same way as a receiver, so there’s not a lot of difference in terms of connection.

Can you hook up stereo speakers to a TV?

If you have a simple stereo Hi-Fi system, that’s the best way to add a pair of stereo speakers to your TV because it can provide powerful sound, albeit not a real surround experience. Your TV will have an output jack, or maybe two, that are likely a pair of RCA audio ports.

Can I hook up old speakers to a new TV?

Generally speaking, no, you cannot connect speakers directly to a TV. The majority of TVs do not provide speaker outputs that can drive speakers directly as that requires an amplifier of some sort to power them.

Can I hook up my Bose speakers directly to my TV?

If necessary, you can plug in up to three devices using the HDMI, OPTICAL IN and AUX IN jacks on your speaker. In these setups, press the TV button on your remote, then power on only the device you want to hear.

How do I connect my Bose speaker to my Sony TV?

How do I hook up my old Bose speakers to my TV?

How do I connect my Bose soundbar to my Sony TV?

  1. Connect one end of the HDMI cable (sold separately) to the HDMI IN port on your TV.
  2. Connect the other end to the TV OUT (ARC) port on your sound bar.
  3. Then, connect an optical audio cable from the TV’s Optical digital audio out to OPTICAL IN on your sound bar (this is necessary to hear the TV audio).

Does Sony Bravia TV have optical out?

For some BRAVIA models and any other TV that has an HDMI IN terminal that does not support ARC, use an HDMI cable (sold separately) to connect the HDMI IN terminal on the TV to the TV OUT (ARC) terminal on the Sound Bar. Then connect the TV’s optical digital audio output to OPTICAL IN on the Sound Bar.

Do I need HDMI ARC for soundbar?

Most TVs these days have several HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) ports. However, in order to connect a soundbar, you have to make sure your TV has an HDMI ARC (audio return channel) port.

How do I set up HDMI ARC on my Sony Bravia TV?

How to use the Audio Return Channel (ARC) or Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) feature
  1. On the receiver remote control, press the Menu or Home button. The menu should appear on the TV screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Select HDMI Control or CTR. HDMI.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Select ON or CTRL ON.
  7. Press Enter.